Election chaos covered up


Election chaos covered up

With Victorian Liberal Party members planning to heckle and harangue Victorian federal campaign leaders, Robert Clark and Sam McQuestin have quickly moved to cancel an upcoming important State Assembly meeting.

Rather than face the questions and anger of party members, campaign leaders and electorate chairs, the top brass (or other cheaper alloy) of the Victorian Liberals have sought to hide themselves. With mere weeks to go until election day, the election campaign in Victoria is fraught with bottlenecks, mismanagement and epic failures.

No one knows how many tens of thousands of dollars worth of campaign materials have been dumped for glaring errors.

Each electorate is being charged $1000 in three easy instalments just to access the party’s electoral roll-based database.

Insiders reveal significant staff shortages, supply shortages and acute funding shortages which are forcing the party in Victoria to turn to pre-digital and 1950s style campaigning techniques.

The reasons are simple and clear. Even though it has been known for months an election was coming, nothing has been prepared, and instead a bungling membership management system which may as well be called Covid, and lack of planning has led to an extraordinary lack of execution in central headquarters.

Key figures to blame include Sam McQuestin, Ian Quick, Robert Clark and Anthony Mitchell.

In fact, a special liaison has been appointed by Canberra to watch over the slow motion train wreck named Lisa Downs. Reports back to Canberra must be like reports from Napoleon’s Eastern Front.

Furthermore, Mitch Catlin has been unable to keep himself from interfering in the federal election process which has further complicated matters.

Many members have said that if they receive one more email begging for $5 dollar donations, they are going to write back and tell the party honchos to get off their high horses and sort out the mess at 257.

Questions are also being raised over the employment of failed candidates and wannabes who are trying madly solicit volunteers to man booths. Party members have no confidence in Sam McQuestin’s ability to manage the campaign, and with the promotion of Scott Samson, things are still chaotic.

Unlike other campaigns, all phone canvassing has been outsourced to low wage telecanvassing centres, possibly located overseas.

When Josh Frydenberg has to pay for his own digital advertising outside of the party’s regime, then something is severely wrong.

Robert Clark has gone to ground while Ian Quick has been said by Tim Warner to be pulling his hair out.

No wonder Anthony Mitchell or Holly Byrne are committed to closing down the scheduled State Assembly meeting. This is the continuing assault on democracy in the Liberal Party in Victoria.

“If the party can’t get its act together,” wrote one party member, “then please explain why Pauline can get a letterbox drop done, Clive’s advertising is out there and yet a major party like ours can’t even get its ‘how to vote’ materials sorted.”

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