Factional Admin Committee boots Jagajaga candidate

Factional Admin Committee boots Jagajaga candidate

Victorian Liberal Party acting State President Robert Clark is being forced to concede that his vetting failed. For months Mr Clark was carping on about vetting preselection candidates. Candidates were supposed to go through a rigorous process where their background was thoroughly checked before they could be endorsed.

Already in one known case in 2021, the vetting committee blundered badly and left Robert Clark with egg all over his face.

A prize candidate for the Federal Seat of Jagajaga, especially managed by Frank Greenstein on behalf of Ian Quick’s faction, went the whole way through the process — graduating from Megan Purcell’s training program and even being “approved” by Robert Clark — only to find that the candidate is a dual citizen and has links to the Somali government.

Mr Clark has tried to keep his pet committee’s incompetence from the knowledge of party members … but in a victory for party members, the whole reputation of Mr Clark’s vetting process has been exposed for the hollow factional operation it is.

A malaise permeates the factional hierarchy run by Ian Quick. They are too busy trying to get “their” candidates in through the back door, they don’t even do the most basic Section 44 checks!

Robert Clark’s Administration Committee really put their foot in it this time too. Their favoured candidate has been unapproved, in a bizarre repeat of the same troubles with candidates the party had in the lead up to the Federal election three years ago.

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