Fallshaw goes back to the ALP


Fallshaw goes back to the ALP

Anders Axelson and other Liberals from Melbourne FEC have been surprised and disappointed to discover that their one time friend, Jo Fallshaw, has now betrayed the Liberals and joined the ALP.

Ms Fallshaw and her friends, who were never Liberals, were sent as political agents to infiltrate the Liberal Party. Jo was recalled by the Labor Party after her cover was blown on the Real Freedom News website.

Jo Fallshaw, once a darling recruit for Georgie Crozier, has now turned back to the ALP swamp, and has publicly posted online that she is now donating to the ALP and fighting against the Liberals.

Questions can be raised over Robert Clark’s factional use of such flaky and unreliable “members” whose true agenda is to ensure that the ALP and Greens win elections.

It is pretty obvious that Ian Quick’s factional friends knew that Ms Fallshaw was from the ALP, yet in their desperation for control, were willing to make a dirty deal to get ALP members to help move the Liberal Party away from its conservative roots.

The ALP and factional beastmaster Jenny Mulholland continue to work together. They are proposing to recruit a known underworld figure Joe Italiano and his union thug comrades as members of the Liberal Party.

“These dirty deals with the ALP are not going to help us,” a knowledgeable party member stated. “We have enough trouble trying to get a sitting member like Neil Angus preselected, we simply cannot play with fire and let the ALP take over. Shame on Ian Quick, Georgie Crozier and the rest for their dodgy ALP alliance.”

“Fallshaw did a lot of damage with her online bullying, I think even Jan Millard had to deal with it in the end,” wrote another party member.

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