Far left anti-Semitism in the Victorian Libs

Far left anti-Semitism in the Victorian Libs

The ugly spectre of anti-Semitism has arisen in the Victorian Liberal Party, with several members calling Israel and Jews “evil” and posting lengthy attacks on Jewish democracy on a party chat group haphazardly moderated by Jan Millard.

An extensive amount of offensive content was posted to the group by a member of the Melbourne FEC and supported by a member of Lalor FEC and another member. An examination of these members’ facebook profiles reveals many tell-tale signs of hard left views, including supporting pages belonging to the ALP and other extreme left wing positions.

Jo Fallshaw has made anti-Semitic comments and holds to conspiracy theories about the State of Israel

Members with far left views have been noticeable in the Party in the past two years, all the while the party leadership has decried an alleged religious right take-over. In reality, Ian Quick’s faction members have been instructed to reject any new membership to their respective FEC if the person is suspected of being particularly religious or strongly conservative. This policy by necessity allows and endorses hard left members joining the Party unchallenged as they are considered a vote for Robert Clark.

Some vocal members of Ian Quick’s faction are not anti-Semitic in their views, but are less than effective in combatting these extreme views because of internal allegiances in their faction, and because the Liberal Party now has a sizable minority of those holding centre-left views who are less able to defend the traditional Liberal position as well as conceding to some elements of those who also promote extreme anti-Semitic views.

One federal staffer, known for his centre-left advocacy on social issues, in his attempt to distance himself from the disgusting anti-Semitic sentiments being expressed, nevertheless commented in the discussion his support for a Palestinian State. Other centre-left members of Ian Quick’s faction weighed in, supporting this position.

Another participant rebuked the Young Liberals for supporting Scott Morrison’s stand with Israel. This same participant also targetted a Jewish staffer who works for a Jewish member of State Parliament telling him he had misunderstood the original comments, thereby defending the anti-Semitic rant.

Mikey Oram has targeted Jews and conservatives

Ian Quick and Robert Clark tried to punish party members for misdemeanours or tried to frame them, yet when blatant anti-Semitism is expressed in a party forum, nothing is done by them.

The legacy of the Quick-Clark years has been a rise of far left members in the party who have begun spew out their poisonous views.

Shaikh Hafizur Rahman did not indicate any disagreement with anti-Semitic and related conspiracy theory views

The Liberal Party is a broad church party of the right and has always rejected anti-Semitism. There has been a complete lack of leadership in Victoria which has allowed extreme views to thrive.

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