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Dear Members of Federal Executive,

Regrettably, I write to members of this Federal Executive on a matter that is so important for so many young women in the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party. I write this email in confidence of the Federal Executive.

As you are already aware, there is an active court case involving a member of the Victorian Liberal Party, who currently is the Executive Director of The Samuel Griffith Society, and was a former advisor to a Shadow Minister. This case is set to be heard Thursday 15 April 2021 at the Adelaide Magistrate Court case number AMC-19-7165. Xavier Boffa has been charged by Adelaide Police for aggravated assault with a weapon. As some legal minds on this Executive would be aware, this charge if proven guilty can have a custodial sentence of up 5 years.

It is in the opinion of many many young liberal women in Victoria that ACTION needs to be taken.

Xavier Boffa has demonstrated form and behaviour, see below:

Unwelcoming culture of women https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/they-felt-uncomfortable-about-inviting-a-chick-young-libs-accused-of-misogyny-20170426-gvt0fq.html

Young women had to seek an intervention order

Alleged glassing of fellow Party member (which is now subject to the court case that has been taken up from Adelaide Police, DPP, as noted above)

How has this individual not been expelled when there are eye witnesses to this vicious glassing? There are eye witnesses who have come forward publicly. Why does John Pesutto, a former Shadow Attorney General continually defend such reprehensible actions.

Dozens and dozens of young women in the Liberal Party in Victoria and federally are aghast that the Liberal Party continues to take no action regarding Xavier Boffa, who in the broader view of women in the party, should hold no place in the Liberal Party.

We have all been in awe of the courage of liberal women to speak out. The continued protection of utterly mediocre men is symptomatic of a culture that protects men and places women in continued positions of unnecessary vulnerability. I demand the Federal Executive of the Liberal Party to take affirmative action.

The protection racket of men in this Party must stop. The shameful inaction of the Victorian Administrative Committee led by Robert Clark has been completely inexcusable.

Women should not be advised that people are “uncomfortable about chicks” attending events. Women in the Liberal Party should not have to seek out intervention orders against men in the Party.

When will this Party now take action and wake up to the reality of 2021.

Since the incident there has now been a national petition that is circulating calling on the Federal Party to expel Xavier Boffa. 

We write this email anonymously as we fear reprisal from some men of the Liberal Party who continue to protect such reprehensible individuals.

Yours faithfully,

Young women of the Liberal Party

Policy Forum for ‘Stop. One Punch Can Kill’ Campaign – 2018
Caterina Politi [pictured middle] – Founder of the ‘Stop. One Punch Can Kill’ Campaign (founded this movement after losing her son in a violent bar fight).
Xavier Boffa [pictured right] – Executive Director of The Samuel Griffith Society and former President of the Victorian Liberal Students’ Association (facing trial for glassing another person in a bar in 2019).
Chris Kounelis [pictured left] – former President of the Victorian Liberal Students’ Association (has also been investigated by Victoria Police for assault). 

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