Fifth columnists

Is that McLeash?

Fifth columnists

Questions are being asked in the Victorian Liberal Party about a cohort of members who are not integrated into the wider party. A strange subset of members come to the surface far too often and make a lot of needless accusations.

Far left Liberal Party infiltrator Florence Lindhaus has attempted once again to sow discord in the Liberal Party’s online Web Warriors community by casting aspersions on the legitimate use of website domain names for political purposes.

Ms Lindhaus, who has embraced her role as a political troublemaker, is an advocate for green-inspired policies including closing down the energy market and deferring to foreign financial interests. She threw the furphy out to party members in hopes of demoralising and undermining smart political campaigning techniques.

A Teal at heart, Ms Lindhaus is symptomatic of the Left wing infiltration of the Victorian Liberal Party in recent years as sponsored by Georgie Crozier and Ian Quick. Many members have found unhelpful commentary and extremist climate activism from the fringe “Conservation Branch” to be a direct affront to Liberal values and the party’s sound positions on environmental policy.

Ms Lindhaus has been outspoken on social media attacking party members and leaders, especially in relation to historical party support for clean coal, carbon capture and nuclear energy directions.

Party members have been concerned that a concerted infiltration of the party has now far advanced, putting the party at risk of being completely destroyed from within. Those who have privately and personally investigated Ms Lindhaus’ lobbying and white anting within the party report that she is not acting alone, but in tandem with several other operatives and would be agitators.

Members question how long these trouble makers will continue unchallenged. Very soon these non-Liberal members will have voting rights in preselections and will support climate-obsessed Senate candidates.

“Why aren’t these folks dragged in front of State Assembly and asked to explain themselves?” one bold party member asked. “Jan Millard must be running a protection racket for these agitators, I hope Admin remove her from the Web Warriors group.”

If you have any information about Teal, Green or Socialist infiltrators in the Victorian Liberal Party, and if nothing is done about it by party leaders, please pass information to this website via the contact page.

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