Finn fouls his own nest again


Finn fouls his own nest again

Another unwanted story about the Victorian Liberal Party has appeared in the media.

Filthy, misogynistic and moderately on the spectrum Bernie Finn has called his own former staffer, Cassandra Marr, a rat.

The obviously ageing and mentally declining Bernie Finn, member for the Upper House in the Western Metro, has taken to facebook to have a vent about the big conspiracy which seeks to unseat him which revolves around Ms Marr being supported for Mr Finn’s seat.

Matthew Guy and many members across the party are hoping to see Bernie Finn destroyed once and for all in a Western Metro preselection challenge next year.

For a period of time Cassandra Marr worked for Bernie Finn before going to work for Matthew Guy. What insights she has given the Opposition Leader into this mad MP’s mind! Recently, Cassandra has been preparing herself to run as a candidate, and news of this little plan reached Bernie’s ears prompting the torrent of online abuse.

Finn took to facebook and made vile comments about Cassandra, calling her a rat and stating that, “I’m informed the horrid stench in the electorate office is a result of rats. Very odd. I thought she left last year. What she’s doing, and has done, is beyond the pale. Treachery of the first order.”

For months anonymous messages have been sent around the party about Cassandra Marr and Hamish Jones. Insiders in the Western Metro say that there are only a small number of people in Bernie’s vicious online bullying ring, being Bernie himself, Bill Rizopoulos and Nathan di Noia. Bernie’s other supporters are Cathy Finn, Karina Okotel, Andrew and Moira Deeming and Nasa Ige. The online ring has sought to anonymously attack Cassandra and her ambitions about running for the Western Metro.

Bernie has decided to dispense with the anonymity with this latest brazen attack on Cassandra, prompting Matthew Guy to discipline Mr Finn. It is in Rizopoulos’ or di Noia’s interest to attack Ms Marr as they would stand to benefit from Mr Finn’s patronage of Moira Deeming or Karina Okotel running for number two and one of them eventually replacing Mr Finn.

There are some indications that Bernie Finn is secretly negotiating with Craig Kelly and will turn independent in an attempt to hold a place in Parliament in the 2022 election, as all indications are that the majority of Western Metro Liberal Party members and most Liberal MPs in State Parliament are moving to disendorse Bernie. (Ian Quick and Robert Clark are understandably reluctant for their usual hate politics factional reasons.)

Finn seeks to capitalise on local support by siding with issues popular with the right, such as, anti-forced vax, pro-Trump, Daniel Andrews is a Hitler and anti-abortion. However, Bernie Finn’s unparliamentary manner, self-serving politics, intolerance for others on the right, support of Michael O’Brien, plastic conservatism and brazen immorality make him a pariah to the very causes he allegedly supports.

“Bernie Finn is a despicable human being,” said one member. “There’s no low he won’t stoop to. I shudder to think what kind of household he and Cathy have.”

“The problem is that Bernie’s views represent those of many of the grass roots members,” wrote another insider. “It is a pity that Bernie does more to heap scorn on these views than what any ABC journalist could ever say against them. I wonder whether Bernie is actually a completely fake conservative, deliberately making our side in the ideological struggle look so bad.”

Members are encouraged to support and encourage Cassandra Marr who does not deserve this bullying.

The smell of rat’s urine in Mr Finn’s office has been positively identified as belonging to a male large-sized feral mammal.

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