Former Victorian MP open to China

Former Victorian MP open to China

Former Victorian MP, John Pesutto, once tipped to be a possible Victorian opposition leader, has come out in support of China.

Mr Pesutto stated in The Age recently that “Australia should aim for … the most constructive relationship with its largest trading partner, with whose people we share a long cultural and social history”.

He also went on to praise Premier Daniel Andrews’ relationship with China, “it’s also fair to point out that Premier Andrews and his predecessors have all actively sought trade and investment opportunities on behalf of our state, which is obviously an important and welcome activity.”

Mr Pesutto’s advocacy of China is in sharp contrast with the Federal Government’s shutting down of foreign investment, including Daniel Andrews’ controversial partnership with the CCP run “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Commonly held opinions and a prevailing view among members of the Mr Pesutto’s own Liberal Party is that China is a dangerous enemy and seeks to exploit rather than to benefit from trade or bilateral arrangements.

Questions have been raised over several current and former Victorian MPs and their relationship with China. The depth of Mr Pesutto’s connections or intentions concerning China are currently unknown. No comments have been made by his former colleagues at this time.

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