Freedom letter


Freedom letter

Greetings editorial committee,

Seeing as you’re back and Robert Clark didn’t shut you down after all, I’d like to discuss a concerning trend we are noticing in the Vic Liberal Party.

First is the horrendous Tik Tok channel the party uses to promote a woke agenda. Most Liberals don’t look at it, thankfully, but my Young Liberal son called it “cringe”.

Hardnosed factional warriors like Zachary Relouw, Sali Miftari and Andrew Lewis are hard at work spreading their climate alarmist views in internal Vic Liberal Party discussions.

I’m glad to see ordinary and aware members from their same faction push back against them.

The party of freedom can accommodate free discussion about different issues (someone tell Jan Millard that!) but the party has a platform and a tradition which places it on a certain part of the political spectrum far from the Teal-lovers.

Today’s society is lenient so the party shouldn’t be forced into a particular corner. I’m talking about the Moria Deeming fan club, the Concerned Liberals or the Eastern Region right. On the other hand, members in Sandringham don’t want the entire party to be taken over by the Pride Branch and party president Peter Angelico.

Everyone who joins the party has a voice, but when the party hierarchy gives the microphone to just one narrow section I understand why a service like you provide is necessary.

Keep up the good work.

A moderate conservative Liberal.

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