Georgie Crozier tips her hand


Georgie Crozier tips her hand

‘Power hungry’, ‘desperate’ and ‘heartless’ are words which Victorian Liberal Party members are using to describe Upper House MP Georgie Crozier’s attempt to unseat Matthew Guy.

Everyone agrees that Matthew Guy has not had a very good run in the past year, with the loss of Tim Smith, policy dissension in country Victoria, questions over his chiefs of staff and a growing pessimism over electoral prospects.

It does not help that Georgie Crozier has been briefing journalists against Matthew Guy and has been scouring the State for a safe seat in the Lower house.

Georgie Crozier, a battle-hardened nurse and failing shadow health minister, is trying to use her health lingo as some sort of pass to take on Daniel Andrews and replace Matthew Guy.

To be clear, Georgie Crozier has not been acting alone, but has solicited the help of a number of allies to help spread the rumour that she is going to shift into the Lower House and take on the party’s leadership.

Many MPs and candidates are unconvinced that Ms Crozier would be a step in the right direction, as senior figures are unwilling to ditch Matthew Guy.

Key figures within the party, Ryan Smith and Brad Battin, will never support Georgie Crozier.

Ms Crozier has been moving behind the scenes, though her key ally and alleged email leaker from Matthew Guy’s office, Lee Anderson, has now stepped down from his role there.

It is well known that the new chief of staff, Nick McGowan, does not see eye to eye with Ms Crozier, and there are historical grievances between the two. Matthew Guy recently attempted to make peace with Ms Crozier by backing her candidacy to the Upper House. However, Ms Crozier has repaid the Leader with treachery.

Georgie Crozier, along with Frank Greenstein, are the factional leaders of the Ian Quick faction.

‘She only knows how to hate,’ one former colleague commented.

‘Georgie needs to stop and she needs to go,’ said a well known party member. ‘I hope someone brings this up at the next State Assembly meeting.’

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