Greens infiltrate Liberal Party

Greens infiltrate Liberal Party

Under Russell Joseph’s watch, there has been a suspicious amount of pro-Green activism crop up in the Liberal Party.

Party member Robert Durkacz wrote to fellow members, “On election day I was handing out how-to-vote cards for the Greens at the Rosebud polling station and I made the most of the opportunity to talk to the Liberal party volunteers.”

Which Liberal would say “Two years ago I worked for the Greens” and not front to State Assembly to explain the situation? It seems these Green stacks are being organised by certain people who run State Assembly, specifically, Russell Joseph. And Mr Joseph is a self-confessed Ian Quick-devotee.

Russell Joseph is keen to tell anyone who will listen that he stopped the dogs on the local foreshore and cares deeply for the Hooded Plover and other environmental issues. It turns out that Mr Joseph has been a trojan horse, opening the Liberal gates to anyone Green. This branch stacking must stop!

There is widespread evidence of this stacking. Leftist and anti-Semite Jo Fallshaw is on the Greens bandwagon instructing others to “buy green energy! It’s not a consumption problem, it’s a carbon neutral problem!!!”

Another infiltrator, Florence Lindhaus, attacked coal and threatened that if coalition politicians continued to praise coal, “I will be leaving the party. That’s primitive, outlandish, divisive talk”.

Anti-Semite and rabble-rouser, Mikey Oram, wrote, “People who understand science are lefties eh? I guess I’m a lefty.”

In that discussion, Jo Fallshaw proceeded to attack all Liberal members who rejected the Green propaganda. She also knows Ms Lindhaus personally, which corroborates that there is a concerted push to bring Greens into the Liberal Party.

Members should be alarmed! This is only a sample of the threat of Green branch stacking which is designed to destroy the Victorian Liberal Party from within. Members should rightly be concerned about Russell Joseph’s hand in this.

And where are the Jans on this issue? Snoozing in front of daytime soap operas? These infiltrators have come online and are promoting ideas contrary to Liberal policy and are making trouble among the members.

Most importantly, the current leadership of the Party is to blame. Not only for poor oversight but because they have actively and deliberately allowed and recruited Greens to join the Liberal Party.

If you have evidence of Greens or those with Green tendencies who are running for party positions or preselection, please contact RFN.

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