Greg Mirabella caught branch stacking

Greg Mirabella caught branch stacking

Teacher from the Bleacher: Reporting for Dingo Digger

Former Vice President and unsuccessful Senate candidate Greg Mirabella has been caught using his credit card to pay for two members to join the Liberal Party in his wife’s former seat of Indi.

Max and Elaine Crosher were joined up in the electorate of Indi by Greg Mirabella on the 29 August 2020. The couple were former national Party members and nominated to join the Mirabella controlled Wangaratta Branch.

Despite the local electorate chair raising the matter with Liberal President Robert Clark the issue was not referred to Korda-Mentha’s branch stacking enquiry, instead the paid memberships were swept under the carpet by Greg’s powerful mates on the Party’s Administrative Committee.

The matter was rapidly covered up by the Ian Quick controlled membership department. Factional operatives within the membership quickly organised the Croshers to pay their membership by money order 4 months later.

Factional mates of Greg’s are tight lipped on Admin regarding the stacking allegation. Some Admin members have pretended it was an honest mistake. But many others have expressed dismay as to how a former Party Vice President could make such a mistake during a branch stacking investigation.

Fortunately for Greg his close alliance with the Quick/Clark faction has saved him from disciplinary action by the powerful Administrative Committee. The same can’t be said for less well-connected factional allies “Mad” Bill Rizopoulos and Peter “Cowboy” Angelico.

The following letter details how Mirabella’s deception was uncovered.

Dear Admin,

I received 2 applications for new memberships to Ovens Valley SEC on Tuesday 1st December. I noticed that the payment was made via Credit card and the holder was Greg Mirabella. The applicants are not his immediate family and this is against the rules. No excuses should be given as Greg being a former admin VP and a long time member knows the rules very well concerning payment of memberships. 

I notified Robert Clark via phone conversation and he stated he would look into this matter.  He did so on Wednesday morning which I appreciated immensely. I also notified Stephen Millington of this situation. With so much money being spent on branch stacking I find this a huge breach. I am very concerned at what this looks like and not entirely happy with the explanation I received from head office. This is very messy in appearance.

I ask the Admin to address this issue and sanction whoever equally so it will never happen again. We can not keep on having rules for one and rues for another. Otherwise we become no better than the Labor Party.

Thank you for taking the time in addressing my concerns.

Questions :-

  1. Email stated that the application was first received in July.  Why did it take so long for a postal order to be received into head office ?
  2. Why wasn’t the original application destroyed?
  3. Why wasn’t a new application provided?
  4. Was Greg Mirabella disciplined like Marcus Bastiaan?
  5. Is this a cover up?



The issue has been covered up by Ian Quick’s Admin Committee. Mirabella is a close ally of Victorian Liberals éminence grise Ian Quick. There is strong evidence that under Quick’s direction, office staff altered the record of Mirabella’s payment to cover up the breach and the branch stacking of the new members.

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