Guy cuts through in divisive times

Guy cuts through in divisive times

Two minutes of Matthew Guy on Peta Credlin made more headlines, cut further into Daniel Andrews’ PR spin and out shone the entire last two years of Michael O’Brien’s self-absorbed leadership.

The Liberal Party in Victoria is facing a deep crisis, both in its external appeal and in its internal turmoil.

“O’Brien is in favour of all this lockdown,” one senior Liberal explained. “It’s a way to justify not having a vote and keeping your leadership for as long as possible.”

Members hearing that Matthew Guy went onto Peta Credlin’s respected Sky News show and articulated a sensible policy position that ordinary voters could actually relate to has, for the first time for a long time, given a glimmer of hope.

With the current factionally-divided Administrative Committee of the party obsessing over the Casey preselection, Matthew Guy’s straight down the line delivery brought some much needed sting to Daniel Andrew’s wearying and repressive regime.

While Ian Quick has sought to promote his preferred Casey candidate with a sickening puff piece in a major left-leaning Melbourne newspaper, Matthew Guy has spoken directly to ordinary Victorians and given members of the party something to latch hold of.

Like most party members and fair minded Victorians, Matthew Guy spoke about actually ending excessive lockdowns and Dan’s arbitrary rule. At the same time sinister factional forces have been working the phones pushing a plan to support their apparatchik, Roshena Campbell, in a bid to subvert democracy in the Casey preselection process.

“Matthew Guy spoke fairly and directly,” one party member commented. “There was no nonsense and none of this sneaky petty rubbish like leaking anonymously to the left wing press. Guy had a sensible, grown up conversation with Credlin. This other substance flowing from the quill of Ian Quick is pretty obvious for what it is.”

Ian Quick told the newspaper that it was against the rules for him to put his name to praising his faction’s preferred candidate for Casey. Contrast this with Matthew Guy talking to Victorians about things that really matter, like ending lockdown, stopping Dictator Dan’s lies and providing some real leadership in Victoria.

“No one wants the same old underhanded games,” commented a respected party leader. “It was refreshing that Guy spoke boldly, plainly and to the real problems being faced by every day Victorians.”

“Victorians hate this lockdown,” the well informed source said. “Andrews loves it, and so do O’Brien, Quick and company. Poor old Robert Clark is more interested in keeping his gnarled hands on his own power than giving the Opposition a real chance to shine.”

“They’ve got a pretty funny idea about what they think is important to real people. Someone rightly said once that Ian Quick exists within his own distortion bubble. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see a fresh and articulate Matthew Guy on TV.”

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