Ian Quick exposed for demented cyberstalking

Ian Quick exposed for demented cyberstalking

Victorian Liberal Party factional leader Ian Quick has been exposed undertaking an extraordinary and obsessive invasion into private data.

Ian Quick complained and sought legal advice after it was reported that he was staying overnight for extended periods at the Liberal Party headquarters in the Melbourne CBD. Mr Quick is upset because reports have allegedly failed to take into account the context or actions he is undertaking in trawling through the entire Liberal Party’s membership database, as well as other records, data and user information.

A range of witnesses not only observed Mr Quick staying at the party’s offices over a long period, but are quite perturbed by Ian Quick’s inordinate interference with the staff and with the State Director, who understandably has been relieved to spend the lockdowns in Tasmania away from Ian Quick’s constant surveillance and monitoring.

Ian Quick has during the tenure of the current State Director, Sam McQuestin, made some incredibly invasive examinations of Mr McQuestin’s work computer, personal laptop and even went as far as examining online information related to Mr McQuestin’s family.

According to insiders, the State Director has been at odds with Ian Quick after Ian Quick installed firmware monitoring on the State Director’s computer that alerted Mr Quick when he was accessing Microsoft and other software applications.

It is believed that Mr Quick’s use of this not only speaks to his obsession with observing staff member’s activities, but also indicates the truth of the reports that Mr Quick in fact wanted to be appointed State Director himself. Mr Quick has revealed that in 2017 he applied for the position of State Director but was turned down because of private intervention from then former State President Tony Snell.

Besides this, Ian Quick has also been spending a lot of time analysing information gained from emails sent out by party members using tracking software, including full levels of information about each person’s opening of emails, reading time and even tracking whether party members send party emails on to other people, etc. Ian Quick, who is said to have spectrum disorder, has obsessed over every party membership’s time and access to emails sent out from party headquarters by charting and performing statistical analysis on his surreptitiously gathered data. (This, incidentally, led to a change of format of In The Loop some months ago.)

Mr Quick also monitors all aspects of Liberal Party website traffic (particularly related to the locked downloads area) and OMMS traffic using analytics tools. In this case, Mr Quick has built up an extensive picture of IP addresses and matched VPN/proxy IPs to certain users, as well as time, session length and other extraordinarily detailed information (such as all passwords).

Further, senior state members of Parliament have expressed concerns after Mr Quick went so far as to access the private parliamentary folders of female MPs.

Recently, Mr Quick stated that an MP had been caught naked. Initially it was thought that Mr Quick was referring to a lack of fundraising by that MP. However, now there has been the suggestion that Mr Quick was speaking literally, which has more sinister implications about invasion of privacy and potential violation of Federal Acts.

It is apparent that Mr Quick believes none of his extraordinarily laborious activities violate any laws, ethics or standards of normal behaviour. Party members are right to call Mr Quick to account on these activities and demand his resignation.

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