Ian Quick on Ringwood and Ashwood preselections


Ian Quick on Ringwood and Ashwood preselections

A disturbed Ian Quick has revealed to several party members he is contemplating using the Administrative Committee to block the election of factional rival Cynthia Watson who won the Ringwood preselection.

Mr Quick made the comments in passing at another preselection, at Ashwood, which saw Graham “48” Watt soundly defeated by Asher Judah.

In the past, Ian Quick has told his small band of followers on social media his nickname for Cynthia Watson is “the handmaid”, and has labelled the faction he opposes “The Handmaidens Faction”. Mr Quick is attempting to create an humorous link between social conservatism in the Liberal Party and a recent television series which featured a dystopian religious style government.

Ian Quick did not hide his contempt for Asher Judah either, lingering at the Ashwood preselection to tell supporters that Asher Judah would blow out the margin in Ashwood. Robert Clark had the good sense to exit the meeting as quickly as possible, probably due to embarrassment over his former colleague being trounced.

Graham “48” Watt is said to be shattered that many of his supporters flipped the switch and voted against him. Political observers are surprised by the results of the Ringwood and Ashwood preselections, which are winnable seats for the Liberal Party at the November 2022 state election.

Cynthia Watson’s rival, David Kitchen, has the support of Senators James Paterson and Jane Hume, who are openly advertising for members to transfer into the Liberal Party’s fastest growing branch called the Pride Branch. David is a leading member in this group.

As for Graham “48” Watt, things are set to amp up, with Watt now being compelled to plug into some earthed career opportunities. There is a suggestion there may be an opening in Matthew Guy’s office, where he can join a team of former sports champions and PR Rumpelstiltskin Mitch Catlin.

Ian Quick’s attitude towards certain members of the party is inappropriate, gross and uncalled for. Robert Clark is certainly a vengeful man so it remains to be seen whether they will attempt to use Admin to block or disqualify Cynthia Watson or Asher Judah.

Members have seen first hand Mr Quick’s and Mr Clark’s lack of respect toward party members, and the way they treat people who are not in their own camp.

The Ashwood preselection was badly chaired, and very insincere congratulations were offered by the SEC chair to Asher Judah.

“Ian Quick should not be using that kind of language to describe female members,” said one senior party member. “This is not the first time Quick has said something inappropriate. It is a pity he is allowed to get away with his behaviour.”

“What’s with Robert’s sour grapes?” another member asked. “Democracy prevails and the little dictator doesn’t like it. Maybe he should start his own political party. He’s turning 65 early next year, that’s a perfect age to retire from the Libs.”

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