Ian Quick talks about lies

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Ian Quick talks about lies

The Victorian Liberal Party is being ill served by Ian Quick who members are calling a “liar and a hypocrite”.

Ian Quick has thrown out in his private discussions that stories about him are “lies”. He even went so far as to communicate with Malcolm Turnbull to get any dirt on former State Director Nick Demiris. Three years ago Ian Quick said he would not run an admin preselection. But now Mr Quick supports Admin preselections. No wonder Mr Quick is being called out for being a “liar and a hypocrite”.

Senior Liberal sources have spoken to Real Freedom News contacts expressing their anger at Ian Quick’s actions in recent weeks.

“I don’t agree with everything about that website,” one of the senior sources said, “but they have been right about Ian Quick and we as a party cannot go on like this.”

Members have been aghast at the brazen political manoeuvrings of factional boss Ian Quick, who has shut down local preselections and attempted to steer the party in his own direction and support candidates after his own mould.

“We are aghast at what he as gotten away with,” said one respected Liberal.

Members well remember that Mr Quick campaigned for years during and after Michael Kroger’s presidency that he would not ever — he made it an iron clad promise — allow Admin to take over preselections.

“Ian Quick has lied to me personally,” a member from country Victoria revealed. “I have no compunction in accusing him of being a liar and a hypocrite.”

Reports stream in continuously reiterating Ian Quick’s aggressive and concerning actions. He used his Quick News to attack former president Michael Kroger and even set up a website to slander party members.

Ian Quick has not changed. He is still working to shut down democracy and keep himself in power, with hobbled preselections and a mangy excuse of a State Council.

At the moment Ian Quick is working to return his great friend Graham Watt to Ashwood or Glen Waverley.

A branch president who is a former ally of Ian Quick, who fell out with him some months ago said they are amazed that Ian Quick has got away with so much.

In fact, sources say that former State President Tony Snell continually warned factional leaders to never give Ian Quick any position of power.

Disturbing reports have come out about Ian Quick’s compulsive behaviour, including a long story about his wars in the Melbourne branch with party figure Caroline Elliott and his consequential ending up in Burwood because no other electorate would have him.

Ian Quick’s own wife and son don’t want anything to do with the Liberal Party, although cynically Ian forced them to turn up to a meeting to vote against Josh Frydenberg.

Members tell of Ian Quick’s harassment and his inability to deal with female staff members at the Liberal Party’s central headquarters. Early on Julie Read was given the flick by Quick for this very reason.

Quick is cancer. A private investigator who has been monitoring Frank Greenstein’s cake shop has reported that Ian Quick plotted with Frank to rubbish Matthew Guy while he tried a chocolate truffle.

Ian Quick is still bitter over losing his bid to become State Director in 2017 and repeats this story to his few friends far too often.

As for Ian Quick’s online and digital activities, in his own words about his obsession over Liberal Party data systems, “it has serious security and audit issues, that have directly resulted in a significant number of people having full access to the system – and we can’t tell who they were, or what they did. The new membership system is undergoing testing now and should be implemented for members progressively over coming months.”

But Ian Quick by his own admission has “full access to the system” and party members cannot tell what he is doing – “testing” access and prowling through storage and login records!

Ian Quick is ultimately a “liar and a hypocrite” that the party cannot afford.

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