Ian Quick’s Long Weekend in the shadow of Mt. Kennett

Ian Quick’s long weekend in the shadow of Mt. Kennett

Ian Quick has been driving embattled Party President Robert Clark around Victoria. On Saturday the not so funny double act Ian “Laurel” Quick and Robert “Hardy” Clark visited the hobby farmers of McEwan.

Quick arrived with his laptop to crunch the numbers. The factional heavies were plotting to roll popular local chair Ken Bryce, but the natives were having none of it.

Ken and his team had been hot on the phones, farmers had downed tools and turned up to keep the Quick/Clark faction out of the hen house. Knowing the numbers had failed Quick called off the challenge, deciding instead to take over as the returning officer at the meeting. Again, Quick was rebuffed and forced to settle for a cup of tea and cream scone.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, he was at it again. Relaunching the infamous “Quick News” under a new masthead “From the Desk of Ian Quick”. The party wide email was half rebuttal half explanation. The most telling line was the last, “when Jeff Kennett said that he would run a faction-free admin, he wasn’t referring to me.” Can Quick feel the sands shifting? Has it become cold in the shadow of Mt. Kennett?

The unsolicited email by Ian Quick would have any other member – Peter Adamis – referred for suspension. Was this email sanctioned by Robert Clark or Sam McQuestin? If not, will Ian be referred for suspension?

Excited chatter abounds in Liberal circles about a Kennett era reboot, and if recent media is on the money Jeff is meeting Robert this week to hammer out the details. Will Quick be in attendance? If not, who will have Robert’s final say?!

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