IBAC referral regarding slush funds imminent


IBAC referral regarding slush funds imminent

Victorian Liberal MPs could potentially be hauled before IBAC over their inside knowledge pertaining to the operation of both the Communications Fund and Diamond Fund scandal. Whistleblowers have contacted David Southwick, the Member for Caulfield, demanding answers as to whether himself and a number of his own colleagues are signatories to the Diamond Fund.

Although not directly mentioned within the email correspondence, State Upper House Liberal MP for the Southern Metropolitan Region, Georgie Crozier, should be feeling nervous and uneasy leading up to November. The possibility of an IBAC referral could end her career.

Ms Crozier faces a pre-selection battle with Colleen Harkin. For both legal and operational reasons, referrals to IBAC are unable to be disclosed. State Liberal MPs would not even know whether they have already been referred to IBAC for preliminary investigation.

Trying to distract the public on social media and leaking to The Age will do little to quell the imminent bombshell revelations threatening to erupt for the Victorian Liberal Party leading up to the November State election.

The deliberate diversion and embezzlement of parliamentary salaries from colleagues towards two slush funds is a sinister and criminal act demanding an IBAC referral without hesitation.

It is understood that Mitch Catlin has been hard at work creating an alliance between Matthew Guy and the Crozier Davis duo. Catlin himself is now the most powerful operator within the party and is seeking to back handpicked candidates for upper house preselection with the blessing of party godfather Frank Greenstein.

IBAC investigations with adverse publicity would potentially undo Catlin’s position. It is believed that Catlin has promised to stonewall and provide full protection for senior MPs potentially exposed in this scandal.

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