In the Loopy

In the Loopy

A stream of contributions have been submitted to the widely read “Real Freedom News” website about a recent Liberal Party State Assembly meeting.

In one discussion several members bemoaned the fall of democracy. One senior member said she was shocked to hear the president of the party berate members for not voting the way he wanted them too. She said that the misinformation being peddled was breathtaking. The tirade as the president was supposed to be introducing the next motion to be voted on totally out of order. She observed that proper process in our party has gone.

Messages of congratulations were offered to the three genuine Liberals, Fred Ackerman, Sol Green and Peter Adamis along the following themes: Well done these three. They withstood the allegations of Robert Clark and Ian Quick. Their top down bureaucratic thuggery and strangulation of the party of Menzies has to stop. That was the worst meeting we’ve ever had.

As one member explained, “The motions were poorly conceived and so the result was no surprise. The Ackerman motion was unjust. The burden of proof must be on the accuser not the accused – as is fundamental to justice. The Green matter was frivolous – such issues should be resolved through meeting procedure, not disciplinary procedure. It’s more obvious than ever that we as a Party need a much better system for resolving grievances, gripes, complaints and disputes and decent disciplinary provisions. Absent [from] such a system the rancour and frustration is likely to build and build and never end.”

Another member messaged, “Zerbe, Armistead, Mirabella, Millar, Pountney and all the old Mantach gang have crawled back I see. Huffing and puffing about whatever Quick wants. It’s sick really. Clark forcing this case so hard. Seems very angry, his face looks like it is going to crack soon.”

The respected Jan Cooper complained about the meeting to the Dingo group participants Kerri White, John Renyard, David Everist and Hamish Jones, saying she was getting too old for bullying and requested that members pay attention to her at future events.

Another member said, “I saw the IPA were there. I hope they were supporting Josh Frydenberg. The Federal team have made it clear we need to stop this chaos and harassment of party members.”

“What gets me,” said a newer member, “is that all Ian Quick cares about are these changes to the constitution. If he can’t get his way, he just tries to change the rules. It’s very poor behaviour if you ask me.”

“Robert Menzies used to give speeches in Scots Hall. What would he think of this Star Chamber?”

A few other comments as supplied from another collection of multiple sources:

“What do you think was on Ian Quick’s ipad? He carried it around with him the whole time. Does he think he’s Steve Jobs now? He wears skivvies and a jacket too, you know. Haha.”

“Mate, Clark hasn’t got a conservative bone. They’ve gone full woke and tried to make it all about women. Holly’s a great actress.”

“You won’t read about it in the Herald Sun. It only lands in The Age when Quickie pulls a fast one.”

“The unwelcome Guest.”

“Call the police.”

“Not happy Jan.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘Scots Hall roasting’?”

“Adamis got off Scots free. I cried.”

“As soon as he said ‘Real Freedom News’ half the members got on their phones.”

“Sometimes a story gets in the way of reality.”

“Can you tell me how many two or three is? Whoops sorry.”

“You lot are a disgrace.”

“I am probably going to be hanged for this.”

Grateful thanks came from Peter Adamis and others who communicated that the write up on Real Freedom News “is excellent”, “witty and engaging” and “right”.

Once again, Buffoon Finn posted before he thought.

Bernie Finn, a false flag conservative, has form for removing facebook posts.

“’You should be ashamed of yourself,’ wrote one user. … ‘You’re an MP?'” Read more:

Finally this strange contribution.

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