Interview with Peter Adamis

Interview with Peter Adamis


Thank you for contacting me. I have been silent for far too long.


Please note that despite recent changes, my access to the internet is poor and I rely on certain times of the day when the traffic is less to communicate with the outside world. I live in a cottage located on a knoll, isolated from the mainstream of civilization and have only just recently come out of a six month lockdown.

Even though I am stranded in Greece, I am unable to return at this stage and I would like to thank all those members who voted with logic and common sense at the recent State Assembly.


I don’t know what transpired during the recent State Assembly, but I can hazard a guess that it was not all fun and games. I have only been provided with morsels of information.

I have been advised that Mrs Finn, Mr Miftari, Mr Mulholland and Mr Clark spoke against me. I don’t know what they said, but I support their right to do so. After all that was one of the many reasons that I served this country we all call home (Australia). To give such people the right to have the freedom to express themselves.

I have reflected much on the past three years especially matters regarding the dark depths of depravity that the Victorian Liberal Party has fallen to. This recent State Assembly meeting is evidence of that. As such I have taken the step to ensure that such matters are NEVER permitted to reach to this point ever again.

As I have not been officially been advised by the State Director or the President of the State Assembly outcome, I have been informed of the outcome from other sources.

I realise that I may be setting a precedent, however individuals intent on making a name for themselves at the expense of the truth and others need to be identified and brought to account. I have been accused of many things, all of which are false and I have stood silent during this period.


I have therefore written to the State Director and to the President via email whilst I am stranded in Greece. The following is an exact transcript from that email sent to both members on Thursday 13 May 2021.



“Dear State Director and State President,

The Age has informed me that the attempt by you to discipline me further apart from your unconstitutional 15 month ban failed abjectly on Friday.

Even an empty chair was able to win against you.

While you have no problem communicating the decisions of the Administrative Committee that you engineer, you have demonstrated an unwillingness or incapacity to communicate decisions you do not like.

A reasonable observer could easily conclude that contempt for democracy is the foundational hallmark of the current administration.

I understand that the proceedings of State Assembly are routinely recorded. I now ask that the recording be kept as it will form the basis of an application for pre-proceedings discovery to enable me to determine the identity of persons who may have defamed me by their comments.

I refer you to the provisions of section 254 of the Crimes Act (Victoria).

Kind regards

Peter Adamis”





I would also like to take this opportunity to clear up some matters which require clarification and clear thinking in order for the truth to rise up from the layers of ash made of lies, fibs, untruths, misinformation and slander.

1. My enewsletters are a DIRECT RESULT of the disloyal and undermining IAN QUICK EMAILS to all members within the Victorian Liberal Party. Why members did not chastise Mr Ian Quick is beyond my understanding. I don’t dislike Mr Quick; in fact I have never met him. I just believe that Mr Quick thinks very highly of himself and has in my opinion misused his position as a member of the Administrative Committee.

My message to Mr Ian Quick is that he is the originator of all this mess in Victoria and Liberals need to stand up to him and others of his ilk. The same goes for Robert Clark and his show ponies of shame. The best they can do for the Liberal Party is to resign en masse.

2. I was advised that people such as Mrs Finn, Mr Miftari, Mr Mulholland and Mr Clark were unrelenting in their attacks on me and even calling me a liar in absentia. How low can an individual get? Please note that I have never met them in person, nor have I ever been introduced to them.

I have merely heard of them in conversation and via social media pages. As for those who threw insults from the back of the room, they should take a good hard look at themselves and
“sober up” quick smart.

Others who profess to be of the Christian faith, I would like to remind them that I am a devout Christian myself. I have a good understanding of other faiths and like other do not utilise my influence, role or profession in life for ungodly acts. I must say their behaviour is unbecoming of what a true Liberal is all about.

3. I never sent out emails to all members of the Liberal Party! What occurred and it was proven, that my website at was hacked using an old email registration plugin that was misused. When this was brought to my attention, I immediately removed the data base of subscriptions.

It is of interest to note that my data base of emails was a twelve year task of serious and legitimate research. I was exonerated by at least three past State Directors who found that I had no case to answer.

It entailed retaining Members of Parliament emails addresses that had not used the BLIND COPY system and therefore able to harvest them and enhance the data base. Other emails were provided by members residing in other electorates to me without coercion or solicitation.

The State Directors present at the time would also assist without realising that they failed to use the BLIND COPY System.

Finally, business cards were also a handy source of information that assisted me greatly. In fact I remember the senior member of the Mulholland family sending me a very nasty email abusing me for obtaining his email address without his knowledge.

This gentleman had conveniently forgotten that he had given me his business card voluntarily at a function held in the office of Matthew Guy before he was the Opposition Leader. There are many such examples but what is the point if one is being attacked unmercifully.

4. I have been writing as a Freelance Journalist for almost twenty years. In that time I have enhanced my knowledge and try hard to improve my grammar skills. I don’t get it right every time but I do my best to get the message out.

After all this is a free country the last time I saw it. I have a wide network which includes overseas contacts, the military, community, political, welfare, business, public relations and the financial sectors.

I rely on obtaining the best results from at least three sources before anything is published. My computer skills I believe are good seeing that I was working with computers (housed in large buildings) since 1989, when I was a serving member of the Australian Regular Army. (I even have awards for my IT skills). Things have changed much and now I rely on my mobile for much of my work.

5. My network as stated above is wide indeed and I utilize it to assist others without seeking funding from government or industry organisations. I (we) do not get paid, nor have I (we) received funds from anyone or any organisation to write an article or to support individuals in need.

I have come out of political retirement many times to assist the Liberal Party whenever I can. Even during the 2016 Federal Election when no else was available, I came out of hospital fighting the deadly cancer to run the Federal Campaign in my region.

It was tough and on Election Day the volunteers found me collapsed n the floor of the campaign room. Furthermore, I was attacked on social media by two young blokes and told that I should die from my cancer. My complaint the Administrative Committee went unanswered.

6. I have been a Liberal Party member since 1990 and held many positions of trust (President, Chairman, Director of Campaigns, Secretary, Treasurer, Delegate, Representative and numerous other roles of responsibility such as Multicultural/Immigration, Defence and Foreign Affairs, Candidates School, Training etc.) at local Branch, regional, Policy Assembly (State Assembly), served on numerous committees, conducted election campaigns, the first to utilize social media as a political weapon during the 2012 Federal Election.

I have conducted fun raising events, ran pre-selection training, stood in the rain and heat, handing out How to Vote cards, used my home for training, meetings, gatherings, campaigns, strategy meetings and encouraged new members to become members of the Liberal Party.

7. My political mentors are/were Harold Eather (deceased), Michael Kroger, Sandra Mercer Moore (Deceased) and Frank Hangan. These members I classified as friends and have stood by them through thick and thin although it has been a very long time since I saw Frank Hangan. People can say whatever they like about me.

People can think what they like of me, but I do not belong to any faction. That is something the media loves to throw about. I am merely a supporter of people such as Michael Kroger and other charismatic political leaders who believe in winning government.

I also have some excellent and outstanding friends who I consider family. Some of who have been made targets by unscrupulous and innocuous sycophants masking as Liberals. In fact we have a few families that were once Labor and/or affiliated with the Greens, all trying to convince long time Liberals that they are loyal Liberals.

Many of these pseudo Liberals use social media in a manner that is unbecoming of a true Liberal and spew their hatred of others. Then there are those seeking power for powers sake and will do anything to make it happen. Finally there are the sycophants who run around the political chook pen with their heads cut off seeking political refuge in any dump they can find.

They can fool others but they will not fool me with their demonstrations of beating their chests saying how loyal they are to the Liberal Party and then character assassinating those Liberals who go quietly about their business working to win government.

8. Articles that appear to be mine are very often not mine at all. Many articles attributed to or have my details within are written by others. For example, the articles that appear in the Real Freedom News I can hazard a guess are written by individuals who are appalled at the Victorian Liberal Party state of affairs in Victoria under the current leadership.

As such it appears to me that they have taken up the torch of truth and carried it to the members at large. This is a good thing seeing that enewsletters stopped being published after being seen as extremely effective against the IAN QUICK EMAILS.

Further to the above, the recent articles allegedly coming from heaven, (Andrew Peacock) is very clever indeed, even though I would not use the name of a deceased member to get my point across. Therefore the record, please note that I am not the author.

On reflection I guess that the author of these emails is also a very concerned Liberal and is expressing an opinion behind the shield of a great man. Whatever the case maybe, what the author writes is so very true and the leadership and Administrative Committee needs to take a hard look at themselves.


Given recent events, I find it difficult to believe that a Michael O’Brien and Robert Clark partnership will achieve that mission at the State Level. In fact I am of the belief that the infighting amongst Victorian Liberals will harm Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister chances at the Federal Election. IAN QUICK and others associated with him may believe that their intentions are honorable but I am of the opinion that they have damaged the Victorian Liberal Party (brand) good name and brought it into disrepute.

I have no regrets and look forward to returning back to Australia once all medical checks have been finalized and that I have satisfied local and Australian authorities regarding travel arrangements. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself.


In closing, please note that I do not hold any ill will and/or hold grudges towards those that who are bent on seeing the last of my contribution to the Liberal Party, far from it. I encourage people to speak their mind within the bounds of civility and reason.

I do not hate anyone who has spoken against me, but merely want them to understand that only a united Liberal Party shall win Government at the State and Federal level. If the witch hunts, investigations and misuse of the Code of Conduct does not stop then I fear we as Liberals will be wandering in the political desert in excess of forty years. Enough is enough. Let us begin rebuilding bridges putting aside hatreds and bury the hatchet so to speak.

Apologies to the purists for the savagery of the English language and my poor grammar.

Peter Adamis

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