James Newbury feels the heat

James Newbury feels the heat

A participant at a recent Liberal Party Zoom call has reported that James Newbury MP has caused major storm damage across the party in Victoria losing most of his supporters and leaving friends dumbfounded.

James Newbury openly verballed religious Liberal Party members about their views on the rights of parents and counsellors to give faith-based advice to struggling members of the pride community, eliciting a sharp response from participants.

At times Newbury appeared tormented and did not know where to look or what to say while he copped an angry barrage in response from members during the heated Zoom conference call. About 130 were in attendance including other MPs.

Newbury was completely on edge with wavering voice and at times holding back tears as multiple members threatened to resign from the party over his insensitive attack on people of faith. He doggedly stood by his media statement and directly implied to members that religious people should not counsel or speak to people struggling with homosexuality.

Although doubling down on his views, Newbury was under intense attack the whole session with no respite or help from any of the MPs present who quietly distanced themselves from Newbury’s tin ear on the issue.

Things took a turn to the wild side when Newbury proceeded to insensitively berate members after several said that they were not going to vote for him. Newbury talked down to members saying that those with genuine faith-based motivations had historically treated people struggling with homosexuality in barbaric ways that were beyond description.

Known for his arrogance, James Newbury’s explanation, which was tinged with anger and arrogance, was based around emotional accounts and his own deep sympathy for the pride community. Newbury sternly told members not to depart from the Liberal Party and that to vote for any other candidate would be a vote for Labor.

When one long term party member announced they were walking away from the Liberal Party and were very disappointed, Newbury abruptly logged out of the call.

However Mr Newbury was supported in the call’s chat by Ian Quick supporter Kerri White who took the time to openly encourage James Newbury’s attack Christians. Kerri White, who is a far left troublemaker, was backed up by two friends who quietly supported the attack on Christians within the party.

People will know Kerri White from previous articles as the defamer of a local Liberal stalwart.

“I don’t know what Newbury was thinking,” one of the participating MPs said. “He’s a bit special and that performance was just awful. He’d better be careful.”

Representatives from minor parties have confirmed that they will not support preferences to James Newbury at the next State Election.

“Mr Newbury said to the effect you can’t pray out the gay,” one senior source said. “But now Christians are talking about praying out the Newbury. Pretty much the only way out for him is if he has a religious conversion and radically changes his views. We will give him the choice he is denying to others.”

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