Jan in the frying pan – part 1

Jan in the frying pan – part 1

The following is a multiple part in depth investigative feature on Jan Millard. In this first part readers are informed of Jan Millard’s troublesome background.

Steve and Jan Millard

Jan Millard is a well known name around the Victorian Liberal Party, particularly due to her interference in all layers of the party, most notably her heavy handed running of the party’s unofficial facebook group Web Warriors.

Jan is allegedly called by those who know her, “a nutter”, “dangerous” and “a dangerous nutter”.

Jan was in her prime in the days of Bob Hawke. Most members can imagine her as a younger Irene Bolger fan. Jan still carries the 1980s fashion vibe with the heavy mascara, fringe hairstyle and ever present cigarette.

Jan Millard hooked up with her long suffering husband Steve who works as an odd job handy man. Both are on their second innings in the game of matrimonial bliss, the less said about former partners the better. Word on the family grapevine is respective grown up children have barred Jan from most family events and sought her majesty’s intervention from her gossiping and haranguing ways.

Jan survives doing the books for her husband Steve. She also receives a disability pension for a so called incident whilst nursing. One former Member of Parliament once commented that mad Jan railing against dole bludgers and public servants doesn’t quite meet up with her burdensome imposition on taxpayers. Besides the fact she attends nearly every Liberal function she somehow is categorised as an invalid who is unable to work. Her apparent long term alcohol use and smoking couldn’t possibly have deteriorated an individual’s health more unkindly.

During the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years, Steve and Jan got hooked onto facebook. Curiously Jan sought to disguise herself with a couple’s facebook account called Steve Jan Millard. At the time, NSW was the epicentre of the fight against Gillard’s carbon tax. They got involved with some facebook groups based in NSW including Carbon Tax Whats [sic] Next.

Jan dreamed of being some sort of online political operator, and the Millards tried to market themselves as digital campaigners. They got involved with the factions of the NSW Division of the Liberal Party and actively sought to sign people up to their facebook groups. It wasn’t long before the Millards’ activities with these groups and Carbon Tax campaigning began to run into a series of problems.

Within the NSW and ACT Liberal Party, Jan Millard began to be known as a wrecker. She had notoriety for getting involved with facebook groups and taking control of them and then blackmailing her opponents. She started stalking other online campaigners and made, according to inside sources, vexatious allegations against them.

Things got serious when both parties took out intervention orders against each other, with the Millards in the docks accused of stealing facebook groups, all part of Jan’s never ending quest to be a right wing conservative darling.

Things got worse, according to inside sources. After several months of Jan’s pestering of Senator Eric Abetz, Jan was banned from any contact with his office. To this day most federal MPs have blacklisted Jan’s number.

Thus, after years of chaos Jan was forced off the NSW scene with her tail between her legs, being accused of inappropriately accessing confidential data and allegations of stalking and cyber bullying. In the words of another source, it would be fair to say that Jan bullied and harassed her way out of the NSW Division leaving behind some pretty rocky relationships and a series of intervention orders.

In the next part, readers will get a comprehensive overview of Jan Millard’s activities and the origins of the cesspool of madness which is the Web Warriors facebook group.

It is understood that a private crowd funding exercise is underway which has promised to produce stickers for a new campaign against online bullying within the Liberal Party. The stickers will read “Web Warriors, Just Delete It — Not Happy Jan”. Information on issues with Web Warriors can be reported through this website’s contact page.

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