Jan in the frying pan – part 2

Jan in the frying pan – part 2

This is the second instalment in a multiple part in depth feature on Liberal Party identity Jan Millard. In part 1 an overview was given of Jan Millard’s background and her dirty past of online activities and consequential real world legal battles. This part details more of Jan’s background to around the time of forming the Web Warriors facebook group in approximately 2014.

Jan Millard drives young online political campaigners to the brink.

In this exclusive, Real Freedom News has spoken to multiple victims of Jan Millard’s vindictive campaigning. The testimony from multiple sources is true and is backed up with documentary evidence and statutory declarations.

Monstrous Millard has a history of attacking vulnerable web warriors stretching back over the years. There are an array of instances of her predatory behaviours, particularly online harassment and bullying of other web page admins and facebook participants from at least 2009.

The paranoid and delusional Jan Millard has multiple fake facebook profiles which she used for trolling left wingers and rivals (including Liberal Party members) to her end game plan of controlling online discussion groups.

Jan Millard has the time and cunning to recruit and manipulate other young enthusiastic trolls to do her bidding.

One of her former victims said that Jan recruited him to do trolling for her, and to help run anti-carbon tax and other political character assassination facebook groups, “After about six months of running my own group with her, I had a disagreement with her via one of her many fake profiles and she then went to war on me! She kicked me out of my own group and all the other groups too. She started telling everyone on the facebook groups that I had mental issues and that I beat my wife. She called the police and tried to have an AVO put on me. She had her friends attack me online constantly.”

Jan Millard went to extraordinary lengths breaking up real world relationships, spreading slander, lies and gossip, just so she could have the sole administrative control on a variety of facebook political activist groups.

Other victims of Jan’s corrupt and nefarious behaviour online are speaking up, revealing a demented woman with serious issues. Jan, a serious vexatious litigant, dragged her targets to court on multiple occasions. Her victims have also had to take the Millards to court out of desperation. Real Freedom News has access to scandalous information related to one of the court cases involving the Millards at the Ringwood Magistrates Court.

One does not have to be a professional to assess that the way Jan Millard has gone about things speaks to concerning character defects. It may be that she has an undiagnosed mental illness.

Brave people are standing up against Jan’s online and real world bullying. The story is serious and sad.

“I had to go to great lengths to get her to stop,” reveals one of her victims. “It was flat out the most horrible time of my life and I nearly killed myself over it.”

This victim confirms, “She has a long list of people out there she has done this same thing to. She sucks people in and when they finally work out what’s going on she attacks them and just harasses them until they can’t take it any more.”

“She has a habit of becoming admin on a facebook group then removing the people that she considers a threat to herself then she will take over the group entirely. This happened with another Liberal page with over 6,000 members based in Queensland.”

Jan Millard has done this at least eight times. When people get wise to her manipulations and lies, they confront her. She turns on them viciously, exhibiting the worst behaviour that would not be expected from anyone within the Liberal Party.

These people lose their mental health. They end up caught with vexatious orders put against them, their friends being lied to and their family being torn away.

This is not fiction. Jan Millard has form cyber bullying, trolling people with her fake accounts and online predatory behaviour. All of this has been hidden behind the surface but now is being exposed by multiple whistle blowers.

No wonder when Senator Mitch Fifield’s office, having learnt from advice from Eric Abetz about the Millard behaviour, warned many members of Parliament to stay far away.

Jan Millard has repeated this same pattern within the Victorian Liberal Party. She appeared out of nowhere, got extremely involved with facebook campaigning, taking advantage of people and manipulating them to do things for her benefit.

One of her victims says he quit the Liberal Party citing Jan Millard’s behind the scenes online behaviour as a factor.

The next part is going to cover Jan’s worming into the Victorian Liberal Party and starting the Web Warriors facebook group.

If you have any information regarding Jan Millard’s background and behaviour you can contribute to the Real Freedom News investigation by using the contact page on this website.

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