Jan in the frying pan – part 3

Jan in the frying pan – part 3

Welcome to the third instalment in a multiple part in depth feature on Liberal Party identity Jan Millard. This part gives an account of the rise of the Web Warriors group and begins to shine a light on Jan Millard’s hidden agendas.

In the previous parts, Jan Millard’s history with her family, her poor activities online with facebook groups and her early relations with Liberal Party members has been exposed.

A number of people close to Jan Millard going back into the past when she was known as Jan MacKay have been in contact with Real Freedom News. They describe a disturbed lady who has griefed so many lives online and in her relationships.

Victims who experienced Jan from years ago are saying that they are not surprised at her behaviours today. Jan currently runs the Liberal Party’s Web Warriors facebook group like a personal dictatorship, banning people on a whim and pushing her particular leftwing views on lockdowns, vaccinations and protests.

“The problems with Jan have been around for a long time and now are getting worse,” one source wrote. “The Jan in the frying pan articles are sadly spot on. For a long time her family have questioned her mental state.”

Family members and those who know Jan the best have unfortunately had among the worst experiences with Jan. It is sad that Jan has never even seen her grandchild.

The Millard madness has continued after she joined the Victorian Liberal Party in 2011. Jan’s focus really shifted to the Victorian Liberal Party in 2015 where she made friends with the new administration led by Michael Kroger.

As a self-confessed facebook addict, Jan was tasked with helping older ladies upskill themselves in the online world. She taught the blue rinse brigade how to use the internet, email and facebook.

With a pink water bottle in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other, Jan first travelled the Eastern suburbs building up her new Victorian Liberal online following. Jan had the time travel far and wide to sign people up to her newly formed Web Warriors group. Although meant for the Liberal Party, some people noted her new online group was entirely about her own ego.

At the time Jan Millard appeared to be everyone’s friend, from Axelson to Zographos. Those who knew more detail were more than a little surprised that Jan aligned herself with everyone from Green-Leftie types to some Alt-Right figures.

As is ever the case, even though Jan tries to come across as independent, she is highly factional. When the radical religious right turned on Michael Kroger, they dragged Jan and a handful of others to support Ian Quick. In a snap Millard was on side with the very people who had previously ridiculed her as an egotistical doddering drunk.

She has a lot of time on her hands to socialise, gossip and make things up about party members. Her favourite topics include hackers, party rumours and alleged lies being told about her online.

Jan thinks she is a mentor to younger party members, and has tried to set up members in relationships which have failed to materialise.

Jan tends to hang around with her dogs who can’t respond or fringe people at party functions, although in recent months she’s had to restrict herself to spamming the chat on Liberal Zoom calls.

This goes to another of Jan’s infamous qualities – injecting herself into situations where she is not wanted. Every time something happens, whether a love lost in Ballarat, the tax department investigating Illy’s Cakes, Don Graham’s historic work with Liberals abroad or some problems in Melbourne FEC, Jan is always the first to get involved in the situation. Sometimes Jan being a busybody has led to some passive aggressive encounters with ladies from the Women’s Section who will not give her the time of day.

Millard likes to think she is heavily involved in the important inner workings of the Liberal Party. According to fellow Agenda Committee members, Jan Millard is extremely demanding and often states “can I just say, no offence” whilst bogging down committee meetings with irrelevant nonsense. This incoherence is also apparent at State Assemblies where Jan can be seen stumbling through the hall to the microphone to make off the cuff comments, slurring her words.

Jan has been labelled a busybody at election times more than once. She has a reputation for interfering in campaigns, such as in Aston, Carrum and Narre Warren North to name but a few. She’s been kicked out of electorates more than once. It is telling the electorates who were willing to have her don’t have sitting Liberal members. So it is not surprising that even though Jan lives in Rowville and Aston she’s an executive member of Oakley and Hotham. Both Kim Wells and Alan Tudge have a very long barge pole to keep her out of their electorates.

While Jan is well known for smoking, she has made a big show about turning to (illegal?) vaping.

Sadly, Jan’s growing dictatorial tendencies have been seen on the Web Warriors group, banning members and topics arbitrarily.

In the next part, Jan’s devolving behaviours on the Web Warriors group are going to be exposed. If you want to share (anonymously) how Jan has mistreated you, please use this website’s contact page.

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