Jan in the frying pan – part 4

Jan in the frying pan – part 4

This is the fourth instalment in a multiple part in depth feature on Liberal Party identity Jan Millard. In previous parts, the background and history of Jan Millard’s disturbing behaviours have been reported in some detail. Members have heard from sources close to Jan of their concerns with her mental health, of her bizarre desire to wrench control of social media groups and her readiness to run to court and smear members of the community. This part delves into Jan Millard’s current activities with insights onto the current factional and internal strife in the Web Warriors facebook group.

Jan Millard shares a facebook account with her husband Steve. Members doubt that Steve uses the account without permission. Jan herself is one of the founders of the private Victorian Liberal Party facebook group Web Warriors which began in 2015.

Steve-Jan uses her position as the Web Warriors facebook group administrator to attack fellow Liberals and frequently abuses her page administration powers. On several occasions people from her own faction, including Shaikh Hafizur Rahman, Scott Mcneil and Olly Walsh, have complained about Steve-Jan’s stifling of free speech, hiding peoples’ comments and arbitrarily closing discussion threads.

Jan has less friends these days, but continues to be a sycophant for Ian Quick because she seems to think (and often claims) that the factional Administrative Committee have endorsed her facebook group, thus allegedly giving her permission to run amok.

She uses her facebook group for her factional propaganda, including expressing her views about vaccinations and her starry-eyed comments about doddering Robert Clark. Apparently even he doesn’t answer her phone calls and only seldom responds to her messy emails. Most State MPs see her actions as a dangerous nutcase, and a number have revealed that they have blocked her number.

There is considerable evidence that Jan Millard has been involved in deliberately helping ALP members and non-Liberals into “her” social media group. It would be a good idea if the State Director took control of the Web Warriors group and purged it from the infiltrators from other political parties and the multiple fake facebook profiles there which are being used for subversion. Frankly, Jan and the Web Warriors group are a dangerous liability as the party prepares for upcoming elections.

When someone joins the Liberal Party in her electorate, Millard used to check their facebook profile, and if they were facebook friends with people not from her faction, she would reject them. Now she outright rejects all people joining the Liberal Party, unless instructed otherwise on a case by case basis by Ian Quick.

Jan still holds out hope that she can become a political staffer, though she holds a number of nutty views about taxation which would more fit in with the ALP. In the meantime, Jan sits at home on her computer feeding her online and nicotine addictions, and has recently been purchasing cheap vodka and vape juice.

With angry Liberal Party members turning on Jan for her arbitrary facebook moderation and targeting of certain individuals, a number of insiders are willing to share with the wider party their frustrations and concerns about Millard’s erratic behaviours.

The Real Freedom News website has documented on multiple occasions anti-Liberal comments and non-party members involved with the Web Warriors “community”.

One incident on Web Warriors had Millard attacking fellow Liberals who expressed concerns about mandatory vaccination passports. Brave Liberal Party members are willing to make the step and call out Jan’s bullying and harassment. Apparently Bill Rizopoulos has already gone through channels to express his views about the situation.

It is only fair and right, in the face of such widespread and serious criticisms that the State Director undertake a forensic audit of the membership status and otherwise origins of Web Warriors members. How many in the Web Warriors group are members of the Australian Labor Party or are Extinction Rebellion infiltrators? Why has Jan allowed these people to join and what is party headquarters going to do about it?

Why does the State Director condone this activity under his watch?

A Western Metro reader stated that, “Dictator Jan of Webwarriors has banned multiple Liberal members from their right to discussion and debate on the Web Warriors forum. … Dictator Jan had no other option but the mute a few of the members who she disgracefully and abusively deemed as ‘sh** stirrers’ who are not ‘worthwhile contributors’, despite making fair arguments and engaging in fair debate, breaking no rules. Another concerned Liberal voiced their opinion on why people on their side of the argument had been muted, only to be met with their comments being deleted!”

There are a lot more things that could be said, but readers would agree that Jan Millard does not deserve further attention here.

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