Jess must stand with Josh


Jess must stand with Josh

Strong concerns are being expressed in Kooyong that Jess Wilson is not doing enough to attack fake “independent” candidate Monique Ryan.

After being unnecessarily and brutally axed by Mitch Catlin, the former member for Kew, Tim Smith, has been sent into the political wilderness. Tim knew what to do. Attack. Protect Josh. Win.

The ground should be clear for the incoming candidate, and probable member for Kew, Jess Wilson, to make some very cutting remarks against Monique Ryan.

Liberals know well that Jess won the Elizabeth Couchman award and has been associated with the IPA. So it is not as if she cannot mount an argument against the fake independent who is threatening Josh Frydenberg. Jess is no imbecile.

The beloved Treasurer is in a fight for his life and political survival yet Jess Wilson has been completely silent.

Members are asking, “What gives?”

Is that the voice of Michael Kroger muttering something?

In politics perception is everything.

Jess won her preselection. Now she must speak. Loudly. Using her confident woman’s voice.

With Josh Frydenberg regarded as a future PM, it makes no sense that Jess Wilson would not pull her weight.

Josh has done an immense amount of work in the community to the extent public faces have fronted his campaign. Even the CEO of Guide Dogs Victoria had the courage to stand with Josh. But where is Jess Wilson?

Loyal Liberals in Kooyong don’t want to think about why Jess Wilson might be holding back from supporting the boss, but with so many nasty attacks being made against Josh, it is every party member’s DUTY to defend Josh from all the hate, abuse and vile anti-Semitism that is thrown his way.

Tim Smith is an excellent example for Jess to follow in her own way.

“If Jess Wilson is not willing to stand up when a feminist is attacking us, then let’s have Tim Smith back,” said one passionate local Liberal member.

“Amongst the mad, bad and sad,” wrote another member, “questions are being asked whether Jan [Millard], Ollie [Walsh] and [Graham] Watt would be more effective on Josh’s team than Jess [Wilson] is right now.”

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