Knox Ranges Liberal Women’s war on women

Knox Ranges Liberal Women’s war on women

Members across the Victorian Liberal Party have been discussing the Knox Ranges Liberal Women group’s war on women.

The group, sponsored primarily by Frank Greenstein, is planning to run an event where beleaguered Opposition Leader, Michael O’Brien MP, is going to be introducing new Liberal member, male-born transgender lawyer and accountant Rochelle Pattison.

Transgender activism has never been the mainstay of the centre right Liberal Party whose bread and butter is sound economic management and well defined positions on border protection, social cohesion, international harmony and sensible energy policy.

Michael O’Brien’s pathetic attempts to appeal to left wing activism are the actions of a man desperate to cling to power within the party.

As Jacinda Ardern supports transgender athletes being picked ahead of female athletes for the Olympic Games, Michael O’Brien does not want to get left behind as he furnishes his extreme left credentials to party members in the Eastern suburbs.

Knox Ranges Liberal Women has been a powerful left wing enclave and a power base created by Aston identity Janet Williams. Janet is a self described anti-homophobe.

Janet Williams

The women’s group is a hyper factional progressive Women’s Section devoted to advancing Malcolm Turnbull supporting Liberals.

The grouping includes former Bayswater member Heidi Victoria, Noel Pink, Suzanne Soares and Kerri White. This coalition of power women work alongside Georgie Crozier and Frank Greenstein in attempting to shift the centre of the party to the left, and supports moderate and progressive women by giving them a leg up into senior positions.

LGBTQIAPK+ supporters Janet Williams, James Emma Halliday, ______ and Kerri White.

Members of this women’s group have told Liberal members to revolt against the idea of Mormons, Christians and conservatives joining the party. Instead, they have striven to allow extreme left activists to join the party.

The evidence from the Liberal Party’s Web Warriors facebook group indicates there is a struggle between normal members of the party and these hard left activists now cropping up in a variety of electorates.

A previous contribution deleted by Web Warriors admins for praising left wing cyberbrawler Jo Fallshaw and Green policies.
Another attempted post by Michelle O’Loughlan promoting the Knox Ranges event and calling Liberal Party members bigots.

While the administrators of the online group have been seemingly pacified by the left wing takeover, at least one admin stood up to the blatant LGBTQIAPK+ advocacy being pushed by “new members” and has deleted all posts by Michelle O’Loughlan. These are new members who support Michael O’Brien and Ian Quick’s faction.

The Liberal Party doesn’t oppose any group in the community, but it should not be hijacked by the interests of hard left aligned activists who seek to promote periphery issues which have never been electoral issues for the Liberals.

Noel Pink

The actions of the Knox Ranges women’s group are provocative and deliberately designed to counter the influence of traditional-values campaigners and party stalwarts Irene and Francis Ling. The Lings are successful business people who are active in the Aston/Bayswater/Rowville/Ferntree Gully region.

Irene Ling has been accused of branch stacking religious fundamentalists to contest one of the seats of Ferntree Gully, Bayswater or Rowville when the opportunity occurs.

Sources close to Irene are furious at the way she has been treated by the Knox Ranges Liberal Women. According to one close friend of the Lings who attends Crossway Baptist Church, Irene has been subjected to endless rumour and gossip spread by these so called Liberal women.

One of Irene’s supporters describes the manner in which Irene was treated after defeating Heidi Victoria for the Aston State Assembly position at the last AGM. Irene had a lot of support from local members and won the vote comfortably, but was bullied and harassed because she has been associated with Christians who have joined the Liberal Party in recent years.

Irene Ling is well liked and respected in the Aston electorate and is a real contributor to the Liberal Party.

The Knox Ranges women’s section is a part of Upper house MP Georgie Crozier’s plan to make seats barren of conservatives, and to pull in help from ideologically opposing political parties to ensure that women like Irene Ling are kept from succeeding within the Liberal Party.

According to one former senior party identity, the Knox Ranges women have gloated and boasted that they were “keeping the handmaidens in place” while they pursue their ambitions with weak figureheads like Michael O’Brien.

Ordinary Liberal members do not want the party turned into a carnival of the animals.

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