Leadership challenge plans leaked to media

Leadership challenge plans leaked to media

The Victorian Liberal Party will have a new leader within a few weeks according to information coming from top level party insiders.

Outgoing Opposition Leader, Michael O’Brien, has made a 13th hour pitch to try to undo the inevitable and has released a messaging document outlining dot points of garbled verbiage. Already political analysts and PR experts have called out the cynical move by Michael O’Brien, and have labelled his supposed positive messages as boring, longwinded, uninspiring and garbage.

In one laughable example of how O’Brien expects the Coalition to communicate to younger people, the document stated it would tell them that the Liberal Nationals “are diversifying the economy and prioritising education and training to protect job security and wages, meaning more opportunities for young people to kick-start their careers”.

The deeply unpopular O’Brien Opposition has also been out of touch with both the base of the party and with the federal government over China and their Belt and Road deal. While a broad and popular consensus has turned on China, O’Brien was fighting federal ministers over their attack on Daniel Andrews. Members of the party have discussed feature articles which indicate that O’Brien is enamoured by Daniel Andrews both ideologically and personally.

These factors have reinforced why O’Brien is being dumped. Senior Liberals and MPs have told the press that the leadership challenge has been delayed for at least two weeks. At this point Matthew Guy has not spoken or indicated to the media that he will take on the role, though his close supporters are confident it will be handed to him.

Media reports however accurately reveal that in recent weeks, Brad Battin supporters’ dissatisfaction with Mr O’Brien’s leadership has overtaken their reluctance to support Matthew Guy. Some of those who support Brad Battin have conceded that they are now prepared to support Matthew Guy in a leadership spill.

One MP told The Australian, The “party room voted against the option of a circuit-breaker in Brad [Battin], and quite frankly we’re at the point now where anyone would be better than Michael [O’Brien], so it’s no great secret that our group have said, ‘you’ve got the running,’ to Matthew [Guy].”

Several MPs from Mr Guy’s grouping in the party room have revealed that while the spill would not happen in the coming week, a plan was in place for at least two weeks time.

Michael O’Brien’s few remaining supporters have spoken to the media attempting to fudge current polling data figures which they have tried to say indicates the Coalition’s numbers are ahead of the ALP.

State MPs favourable to Matthew Guy are preparing to speak to the Herald Sun when the transition is imminent while federal MPs will continue to feed supportive information to The Australian. It is understood that when the leadership challenge takes place, O’Brien’s people will be rolled and new leaders installed unopposed.

“O’Brien and his few remainders are terribly nervous,” said one well placed source. “Internal chatter within the Liberal Party is drawing unwanted attention to their failings. Take it from me, he’ll be gone long before the Grand Final.”

“Today O’Brien, tomorrow Quick,” said another party member, referring to controversial power broker Ian Quick who is O’Brien’s numbers man. “Although I expect this fact will be censored from party discussions on social media.”

“Matthew Guy is a changed man,” explained a loyalist from country Victoria. “He’s had a lot of time to learn from his mistakes and overcome his failures. We all love Brad but he doesn’t have the class and experience of Guy. Things will freshen up and Guy will be vindicated just like John Howard was in the nineties.”

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