Leakers silent on important issues

Leakers silent on important issues

Friends of former Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien are happy to leak to the media discussions within the Victorian Coalition Parliamentary team that are designed to rip apart conservative support for Matthew Guy, but they are strangely silent on their own commitment to supporting Daniel Andrews’ emergency powers.

Two MPs have tried to counter punch Matthew Guy in the left wing press by leaking a recording of a Zoom call between Coalition MPs they attempted to portray in a negative light with an early 1990’s cliché.

Reflecting a ham-fisted approach at attempted propaganda, the leakers tried to sully James Newbury with quaint and mixed metaphors about dunking old world biscuits in one of Melbourne’s early suburbs.

The two leakers were also happy to out a recording of Peter Walsh’s potty mouth with apparently no harm to their own faction, but their stunt has backfired making Peter Walsh sound like a tough talking tiger.

These try hard leakers need to reflect on their silence over mandatory vaccinations and why they have left erstwhile ally Neil Angus high and dry as he stands up for party members.

The leakers were also happy to painstakingly report a blow by blow account of a fracas between Tim Smith and Bernie Finn, which they think somehow is going to help Matthew Guy lose more ground at the next State Election.

Even The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald had their titter of fun reporting that the Coalition MPs had got a little “nasty” as a minor “stouch” “explodes”, rather like having discovered that Mrs Mercer-Moore had been using margarine instead of butter on the scones. Oh dear!

With Victorians terribly concerned about the economy, their own livelihoods and the prospect of compulsory vaccination passports, the leakers really showed what was important to the public by trying to make a newsworthy story that would slip away within an hour.

“Yeah, yawn,” said one Liberal member. “No one really reads the left wing newspapers seriously these days. It must have been a slow day for Fairfax. No volcanoes or ends of lockdowns to report.”

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