Letter from 20 year LP member

Letter from 20 year LP member

19 April 2021

Dear Editor

As a long-term and active Liberal Party member, I write with deep concern regarding the recent Real Freedom News piece “Bill Rizopoulos threatens news website” and particularly quotes attributed to Bill Rizopoulos’ recent rant as follows.

“You guys are only damaging the party. We are losing members because of your factionalism, and bullying and standover tactics, which I witnessed first hand last week at an AGM” in a Western Metropolitan area electorate. (Maribyrnong FEC AGM and Essendon SEC AGM Tuesday 30 March 2021)

“The only way to deal with control freaks like you is to remove you all.” 

“I hope the current admin with the obvious exceptions you’ve not mentioned kick you all out and then maybe we may have a small chance of winning the next election.”

Your Real Freedom News post goes on to state that Bill Rizopoulos “…..threatened that if the Administrative Committee did not act against either the website or certain Party members, he was willing to resort to physical violence himself. In an unprintable threat, he went on to describe something happening to ‘your heads’”.

The Real Freedom News piece concludes with the editorial “A view was formed that Mr Rizopoulos should be referred to the Liberal Party’s disciplinary tribunal”.

As a member of the Liberal Party, I can attest to Bill Rizopoulos’ anti-social behaviour within the Party and his nefarious activities, including extensive branch stacking on behalf of the ruling faction including Bernie Finn MP, Party President Robert Clark, vice president Ian Quick and notorious right-wing religious activist Karina Okotel, together with allegedly paying for branch stacked members’ subscriptions.

I am deeply concerned regarding the reference above to Bill Rizopoulos doing something to the heads of Party members, and possibly to me. As stated by Real freedom News this is most definitely a matter that the Liberal Party must address via the Party’s much lauded Code of Conduct. For the Party not to do so would be grossly negligent. Indeed, the threat described above may turn out to be a police matter.

In order for me to refer Bill Rizopoulos’ alleged inappropriate conduct to the Liberal Party’s disciplinary tribunal, I need some further information concerning his rant. To enable me to complete and lodge a formal complaint, I would be pleased if you could provide me with the source of the comments attributed to Bill Rizopoulos above and the full text of the material referenced.

Having recently read your earlier Real Freedom News piece “Who is Bill Rizopoulos?” I was alarmed to discover the extent of his sinister motivations, shady history and notoriety as a dishonest “operator” across a range of organisations, including more recently the Liberal Party. While I was aware of his unscrupulous activities within the Liberal Party locally, I was not aware of the breadth and depth of his unhinged behaviour and dodgy dealings. I fear for the future of the Liberal Party in the electorates of Maribyrnong and Essendon while Bill Rizopoulos continues to occupy positions of power and influence.    

In the meantime, I give my permission for you to publish this letter on Real Freedom News, however I request that the letter not be attributed to me by name for fear of reprisals from the current heavily factionalised Administrative Committee. In other words, if Real Freedom News publishes my letter, it must be published anonymously.

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours sincerely


Liberal Party Member — active for close to 20 years always as office holder 

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