Letter from a Branch President

Letter from a Branch President

To the State Director and 104 Committee,

I take the unusual step to let you know about some troubles that my Branch had, to the point where senior members no longer wish to participate.

In the run up to a State Council a few years back, my Branch had submitted a motion to the Agenda Committee, which was subsequently silently dropped.

We were shocked to find out that a sitting MP was directly responsible for instructing the then chair of the Committee to drop the motion. I find this action despicable, and thought that at the time the Chair was to blame.

The sitting MP was Hon Robert Clark. This sort of underhanded interference of MPs into the Party’s democratic processes does not go well for members to join. It was not up to this MP to have any role in State Council, let alone, the Agenda Committee.

The members have every right to have their voice heard, and not be suppressed by a third rate dictatorial former so-called Member of Parliament.

If this is the type of human being we are expected to trust at State Council, we haven’t got a hope.

The only way to clear this matter is if we have true transparency, and not the slow motion train wreck that we are now seeing unfold in this puppet presidency.

In all my 50 years of being active in the Liberal Party, I have never heard of anything more despicable.

I was very distressed when Michael Kroger was no longer President. Michael and I have worked together for many many years, and I alone know how he has worked in the name of the Liberal Party, for the Party, and the many hours he has spent behind the scenes that no one knows or cares anything about.

It is very stressful for me to think these newcomers, who come, know it all and get rid of the ones that have all the knowledge and the dedication that they have given.

When you have these alleged friends come to meetings, and we treat them with respect, not knowing that they are knifing us in the back. I see these people on television, and I cannot believe that they are so two-faced. I watch Sky every night, and find I am learning many things about our Party, and troubles within our Party and the many things they say against my friends across Victoria.

I am disturbed by reports that Karina Okotel has been acting so viciously against the Party and my friends, and am ropeable that she could do this against Michael Kroger.

Now that we have got down to this low ebb, it will be a challenge for these do-gooders like Okotel to pull us out of the mire.

I found people who mishandle the truth very carelessly will always be found out. And I can only state that Michael did his job with the utmost integrity and trustworthiness.

As a female, I do not believe these so-called females in the Party are trustworthy, and as far as I can see they have done the female a great disservice.

Yours in Liberal Fellowship,

[Name and contact details withheld]

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