Letter from a Jewish friend

Letter from a Jewish friend

Dear Real Freedom News,

I am a Jewish friend of the Liberal Party.

While I deplore evils and support truth, I am staggered by what one prominent member of the Liberal Party is proposing.

Far left campaigner and Liberal Party powerbroker Frank Greenstein has come out in support of the Australian Labor Party and has publicly supported the idea that museums, collectors and even holocaust memorials be criminalised if they display a swastika.

Frank Greenstein, who is an open supporter of the pride community, social justice causes and equality organisations, is pushing for Daniel Andrews to ban all education and historically accurate displays of the swastika symbol.

The swastika, which can be seen in St Paul’s cathedral in Melbourne, as well as in materials by Rudyard Kipling and the Boy Scouts; in Buddhist and Hindu temples and at military displays would be banned and criminalised if Mr Greenstein’s extreme and unrealistic agenda was enacted.

Mr Greenstein’s overreach into attempting to ban the swastika is part of his wider agenda of subverting the Liberal Party to be a party of repression, historical revisionism and left wing ideology rather than staying true to its historical roots.

I have discussed this issue with some Liberal Party members and they think that banning the swastika is a step toward banning expressions of exclusive Christianity which Mr Greenstein is known to loathe. I am aware that a number of conservative Jewish members of the Liberal Party have expressed their deep distaste of Mr Greenstein’s politics and his agenda to arbitrarily ban a symbol rather than allow assessments to be made on the use of the swastika on a case by case basis.

If we are to educate and understand and acknowledge the historical crimes done under the symbol of the swastika, then we should not ban it, but keep it in its proper perspective. Facts should not get in the way, but are for freedom of information. Frank Greenstein does not speak for most of the Jewish community and quite frankly his sell out of our values is disgusting.



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