Letter: Margaret Court

Attention: Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, “Captain Cruel” Daniel Andrews and all you other Australia Day assaulting elitist, Princes  & Princesses of Political Correctness!

We, the “Vengeful Venerables” are coming for you –  your wallets, and at the ballot box!

Daniel Andrews, Dr John R. Mott (19th century-born Nobel Peace Prize Recipient) wrote:

“Don’t overlook old people. Here is wisdom and experience for our asking. Here also, is a group we must give kindness and affection.”

Tennis legend 78 yo Margaret Court’s legendary (but unheralded) longtime Christian charity work has, directly, and indirectly enhanced/saved  the lives of thousands of Australians’ lives (not to mention internationally)! Daniel Andrews’, Covid-19 handling ineptness (for which he said he, “accepts responsibility for”)  has caused the deaths of  801 Australians!

Sure, I don’t always agree with some of Court’s comments; however, political, corporate and sporting management  “elites” had best remember some 40% of Australians (including this bloke, and a very, high proportion of fellow, senior-Aussies) democratically, voted against same-sex-marriage!

Margaret Court, who has, been so vexatiously, mis-quoted- deserves her, Australia Day Honours (something, “Captain Cruel” Andrews should, not ever earn)!

I say to all Venerables out there, never forget: only a few years ago, James Sutherland, a former CEO of Cricket Australia (the mob now wanting to blot out reference to Australia Day 2021) mumbled something about playing cricket on Christmas Day; because his, young daughter was bored with our sacred day!

Tennis Australia, be warned: never betray Margaret Court (any further than you already have)!

We older Australians are sick of our (and our Aussie forebears’) sacrifices, hard work and Western civilisation culture being trashed; and we have billions, of dollars –  directly, and indirectly invested in major corporations, super funds, etc! And we vote (and will now really, talk to our offspring)!

Never forget it was, a Christian “pale, stale, male”: the Rev John Flynn, who (after Aborigine Jimmy Darcy’s tragic outback death) pioneered the Royal Flying Doctor Service which has (relative to population) saved far more black, than white, fella lives!

So all you Princes & Princesses of PC…be warned, we “Vexed Venerables” are watching (and plotting, the maximum, hurt, we can return serve to you)!