Letter to the Editor about Concerned Liberals

Letter to the Editor about Concerned Liberals

Dear Editor,

Yesterday I was informed that two long standing members of the Liberal Party in Victoria were very concerned with what was going on, and stated that they agreed with what the Concerned Liberals were doing. Well done for publishing their material on your site.

One person from the Higgins electorate stated that they were a long time member, involved in Party activities and in the know as to events at an AGM in the Prahan Electorate where Owen Guest tried to force his way in. It was a difficult situation for Sol Green and unfortunately Sol has now been suspended in his role at Chairman. Others have also experienced similar situations as they have been threatened with investigation and possible expulsion from the Party. This has occurred in multiple electorates, including Higgins, La Trobe, Western Metro electorates and some others.

  • I would like to make sure that everyone knows that the Liberal Party of Victoria’s constitution is available on the vic.liberal.org.au website under “Members”.
  • The information and advice from Wendy Harris QC was emailed to many members by Senator Van and can also be accessed via the realfreedomnews.com website, by checking out Concerned Liberals newsletter number 6, which was also pretty widely distributed around the Party.
  • As for the upcoming State Council, I assume we continue to pay attention to realfreedomnews.com which has done a lot to help shine a light on so many bad behaviours and the conspiracy to rewrite the Party’s constitution.

I hope to read more from the Concerned Liberals in the near future. I am ready to do what is necessary for State Council. I know there are others too. I’ll be willing to support upcoming and sensible leaders for Admin.

There are a lot of us in the same boat.

Keep up the good work.

J [redacted]