Letter to the Editor: From Blackburn

Letter to the Editor: From Blackburn

Dear Editor,

I am a member of the Liberal party and I participate in a few social media groups.

There is a lack of leadership in today’s Liberal party.

I am also a Christian. Christianity is hated by socialists. It’s all about control. Christians maybe identify as the values and not mention the word Christian so that we education people to buy the values. It’s the values what we are trying to convince people to adopt and that brings them to think our way and we then get a discussion going with them to convert them to Liberal. It’s a long process but rewards are worth it. It takes seven contacts with an uncommitted voter.

One party member who is a leader told me not to attend a barbeque with a Federal Member of Parliament because he does not support Robert Clark. This person tried to tell me that Robert Clark is a Christian man of integrity. But I have to be very honest about this. I think this person is mistaken.

I think it is sad that I was told not to attend a barbeque with a Federal Member of Parliament because he is in a different faction. I cannot understand this. This Federal Member is a Christian and was against Safe Schools. But when Robert Clark was in Parliament, he did not say or do much against Safe Schools. Why is Robert Clark supporting people who are trying to ban Christians from joining the party?

The disunity in the party really saddens me. But when someone tells me not to go to a barbeque then I know who is wrong. I really wish I attended the barbeque, and I am making plans to go to the next one.

That’s all I would like to say for now.

Have a nice day.


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