Liberal Party president update

Liberal Party president update

Political heavyweights from across Victoria have come behind the bid to unseat deeply unpopular, tin-ear-prone and visibly infirm temporary president Robert Clark.

Upcoming party hopeful and successful businessman Dinesh Gourisetty has pulled ahead in the popularity stakes, as questions over Robert Clark’s proposed new Liberal Party constitution continues to draw strong criticisms from branch members, lawyers and power brokers.

In an unusual move, high level MPs, respected party leaders and hundreds of party members are openly supporting multimillionare Mr Gourisetty for the Victorian Liberal Party’s leadership after a series of scandals, missteps and open hostilities against the Federal Cabinet have been perpetrated by a tribal factional clique surrounding the largely enigmatic Ian Quick. Ian Quick is well known to be the eminence grise behind Robert Clark.

Mr Gourisetty is a longtime servant of the party, holding a variety of important responsible positions and campaigning on the ground.

Loyalists close to Robert Clark and Ian Quick have attempted to rubbish Mr Gourisetty’s prospects pointing out that no person of Indian heritage has ever been President of the Party and that such eventualities, in their opinion, are unlikely.

A high-profile leader in the party wrote a personal message to party members encouraging any members who have previously voted for Ian Quick’s candidates to support Dinesh. “He will garner a lot of support. Two Big Party leaders are now openly supporting him. Many others will follow.”

Federal ministers Jason Wood, Greg Hunt, Michael Sukkar and Josh Frydenberg as well as Senator Sarah Henderson and Senator David Van have welcomed Mr Gourisetty’s nomination.

Conservative media has been more strident, with The Australian endorsing the removal of Robert Clark, stating that Mr Gourisetty, “will definitely give a good shakeup to the internal politics of the Victorian Liberal Party.”

An analysis of the current State Council numbers gives Mr Gourisetty a narrow vote lead over embattled temporary President Robert Clark.

“We believe that Robert Clark is so afraid that he will continue to cancel State Councils and blame it all on COVID,” one senior source said.

Party leaders have conceded that the numbers are close and that it will be important that all of Mr Gourisetty’s supporters attend State Council when it eventually does occur.

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