“Little Hitler” Steve Holland

“Little Hitler” Steve Holland

The shores of Mornington are fairly quiet as occasional private helicopters fly overhead and Cr Steve Holland spends time bunkering in his position at Walkers Road. All is not well at the Mornington Peninsula Shire however, with fellow councillors calling each other “toxic” and “unprofessional”.

One councillor has labelled Cr Holland “Little Hitler” and has shared some of the bullying emails sent by Cr Holland.

Another councillor said that Cr Holland “has a reputation for being unwilling or unable to engage in genuine debate” and said that Cr Holland was extremely abusive online, revealing that he continues to cover up his activities.

The councillor has gone on the record stating, “If you try to hold him to account for his Facebook posts in the council chamber, he calls a point of order”.

“Little Hitler” Steve Holland is known within the Liberal Party for his association with his ally, master and branch stacker Peter Angelico.

Party members at large know of “Little Hitler” Steve Holland after he appeared on Sixty Minutes expressing concerns over Mormons joining the Liberal Party.

Perennially single “Little Hitler” Holland spends his days lobbying for Freedom of Information requests and hanging around David Morris’ office mentally configuring the position of his desk when the aging MP retires.

“Little Hitler” relies on aggressively freethinking journalists and the ultimate patronage of Ian Quick’s faction for his political activities.

The Upper House Eastern Region nomination race is on too.

In a repeat of 1941, “Little Hitler” Holland has turned his eyes eastward and wants to attack early, hard and fast. Steve Holland has already pushed rival Sue Smethurst out, and is trying to stare down Renee Heath.

Intra-factional rivalry has erupted between “Little Hitler” and health specialist, IT business owner and Yarra Ranges councillor Cathrine Burnett-Wake. Cathrine is a bit of a Stalin on refugees and immigration, and factional leaders like Georgie Crozier will always favour her own, so “Little Hitler” is already getting bogged down with supply. Perhaps Monbulk will be the Stalingrad of Eastern Victoria.

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