Living out of the electorate


Living out of the electorate

The Herald-Sun has recently named and shamed a number of politicians who live outside of their own electorate boundaries.

The article did not name or shame the Liberals or Nationals who live out of their seats, but it is well known within the Coalition that Nationals member for Euroa, Steph Ryan, in fact lives in an inner metropolitan suburb hundreds of kilometres from her country seat.

Unfortunately, while the Labor Party ministers have been open about living outside their own electorates, Steph Ryan has covered up her duplicity, making it all the more hypocritical.

Steph Ryan is not the only Coalition MP living outside her seat, but the distance of hundreds of kilometres between her country seat and Fitzroy makes it unconscionable.

If the Coalition is going to stand up for their communities and fight the Labor Party, the last thing the Coalition should be doing is indulging in the same practices as the Government does.

“It’s well known that the Nationals don’t have an appetite to win,” political insider commented. “It’s about retaining the prestige of those few precious members they have, and as long as Peter Walsh can have his own grand party room in Parliament house they are all happy.”

Tradition and public opinion is that MPs should live in or at worst close to their electorate boundaries, but this flagrant double standard does not present a good image for the Coalition.

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