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“My name is S… and I’ve been involved with the inner workings of the real Labour party, the DLP, until recently. You may not be aware but Bernie Finn has been a DLP plant in your party for many years. I’ve been reading you guys don’t want him any more. I can tell you no minor party will want the disgraced MP, not even the DLP. All the best with the election.”

P.B. writes, “I want to give a shout out to Steve Millard for his enthusiastic support of Josh Frydenberg at his campaign launch. It was heartening to hear the call of the bush, such a wonderful inspiration for us all. Steve, mate, keep up the good work ya Galah!”

M. writes, “Has Michael O’Brien planted a mole in Josh Frydenberg’s team? Lucy Lewis who was formerly Michael O’Brien’s electoral officer, and worked for a few weeks as his EA/Office Manager in 157 Spring St is now working on Josh Frydenberg’s team. Lucy is EXTREMELY close with Michael O’Brien and is constantly in communication with him. Is she a spy, planted in Josh Frydenberg’s team to sabotage his campaign and provide confidential information to MOB and his allies?”

D.G. writes, “We have never been more let down than by Ashley McKinnon, Alan Cook, Andrew Kilmartin, Ian Anderson, Scott Samson, Ray Hennessey, Chandra Lloyd and Sam McQuestin. This is not the team you want on your side when you run your campaign. The way they have buggered up the campaign in Bruce is beyond words.”

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