Major security blow

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Major security blow

Information has been received that the Victorian Liberal Party headquarters has had a major breach in data and website control, with a password being leaked. The password has been revealed in a publicly viewable online source.

It is believed that the password has been used for backend access into party data and webservers. These servers are off site to the party’s headquarters location.

Headquarters staff are still responsible for managing data and are supposed to follow security protocols, making this breach highly concerning and with unknown amounts of party data now in the hands of others.

The password has been confidently confirmed to be current, and has not yet been altered even though some have known of the breach for quite a few days.

There has been the suggestion that Sam McQuestin has deliberately remained ignorant about the issue as any admission of the scandal will quickly end his term as State Director.

As it is a very serious issue, an expert consultant has recommended that the password not be repeated in any party discussion of the subject. The password is known to have been in use for numerous years, which has prompted questions why it has not been changed.

The attempted cover up by the State Director and potential of so much data exploitation has given cause for members, MPs and candidates to question to what extent confidential or other backend data has been accessed by unauthorised logins.

Members will be kept informed as more comes to light.

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