Makin and Guest ask probing questions


Makin and Guest ask probing questions

These days there are a lot of people filling out their “Application for Endorsement” forms for the Victorian Liberal Party.

With a Federal and a State election looming, candidates are being selected for various seats.

The party obviously has to do its due diligence on candidates, as the party has had to disendorse a variety of members over the years for a variety of political and sometimes factional reasons, including Geoff Shaw, Aaron Lane, Meredith Kline, Zahra Mustaf, Jeremy Hearn, Jack Lyons, John Hsu, Emanuele Chicchiello and many others.

So it would make sense that candidates are properly vetted.

However, MPs and candidates have been confronted with new lines of questioning which many feel are entirely inappropriate.

Matt Makin and Owen Guest collaborated together to ask questions about what type of pornography do you watch? Requesting a list what items you have purchased from sex shops. What is your sexual identity? Do you participate in online chat rooms or online gaming? List all your social media profiles, websites you comment on and any media you have produced. List every parking fine, traffic infringement, criminal charge and conviction, civil matter that you have ever had.

One senior Liberal said, “I understand why Makin and Guest would want to know these things, but the way they have gone about it makes them look like a couple of perverts.”

Others have been more forthright saying that some of the questions are none of anyone’s business.

“People need to confront this stupid nonsense,” a Liberal insider said. “This Admin Committee doesn’t have the first clue about human resources management. I feel some of these questions are quite confronting to women and demeaning.”

“Let me say it like this – it is my opinion that Owen is a cross dresser,” said one highly placed member. “It pretty much explains to me Matt Makin’s part in this arrangement too, although I know he’s in the swing scene. Applying to the Liberal Party is not a dating or hook up service.”

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