McQuestin and the TikTok girl


McQuestin and the TikTok girl

The Victorian Liberals’ State Director has blown up his own career.

Sam McQuestin (why do we still call Charles Sam?) has been busted by his wife trying to get into the pants of 20 year old Teal campaigner Olivia Harrison, one of his two young TikTok recruits in the secretariat.

According to a source close to Ian Quick, it has been reported that Admin has discussed the appropriateness of Sam hiring two TikTok girls (videos which the Chinese Government might appreciate, but do not go down well with local Young Liberals who deride them as super cringe).

The girls were hired to work directly under him day and night, one of whom is a Teal who helped remove Sam’s one time ally Josh Frydenberg.

Given that the secretariat recently appointed a membership manager who has no clue about process, and that there still is no mail plan for the election, Sam McQuestin has gone out on a limb to hire these girls, even though the MPs have hired their own social media gurus.

All factions are now calling for Sam McQuestin’s dismissal as soon as possible, though several of the Federal MPs are urging that Mr McQuestin’s dismissal be deferred until December.

Inside news is that Sam McQuestin passed Olivia off to his newly promoted Director of Grooming Brad Stansfield. Apparently Brad is having success with Olivia including recently taking a day off together to role play TikTok videos.

At least Mrs McQuestin has her man back, though things are not exactly great for Sam at home or work. Embarrassingly, relations have further soured between him and Matt Guy with Guy asking him to step down in front of staff.

Local campaigns have been increasingly frustrated with the lack of interactivity between headquarters and the seats. Staff members have been run off their feet dealing with candidates and explaining why their collateral is not being produced and making excuses for the absentee State Director.

Greg Mirabella has stepped into headquarters to try to get the place under control.

Members will be shocked to learn that during a vital time for planning recently, the State Director was up at a drinking session in Canberra. With Sam not answering calls, the question is being asked whether Sam needs another party funded $5000+ drinking session to cheer him up and get his juices flowing as it has been at least a few weeks since he used Liberal funds to impress his two new very young female recruits.

Admin, the Leader’s Office and secretariat staff are concerned that Sam McQuestin may be pissing away party funds. No doubt Ian Anderson might have a harder time fiddling the books to hide another McQuestin drinking junket.

In the meantime, Ian Quick has been contacting people questioning why Greg Mirabella is not sacking Sam McQuestin on the spot. There has been significant discussion around the potential sacking the State Director over the hiring of a Teal campaigner, but so far nothing has been made official.

After it was leaked that the Liberal Party had hired a Teal, scrutiny was put in place to ensure that the party’s TikTok account was not compromised.

In the meantime, Sam McQuestin has defended his decision to retain Olivia Harrison on staff, which has given Ian Quick a great deal of ammunition to email all and sundry about it.

Some party members have questioned Sam McQuestin’s retreat to Tasmania, where his family lives, including a daughter only a few years younger than Olivia.

At least McQuestin will be able to continue to enjoy his McDonalds take ways and use the free wifi to watch TikTok videos, while election day draws closer and closer.

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