McQuestin pens a thoughtful eulogy


McQuestin pens a thoughtful eulogy

With a somewhat unusually reflective and sombre tone, Victorian Liberal Party State Director Sam McQuestin has written to party members.

“I found it rather moving,” said one member, carefully reading the words that Mr McQuestin had laboured over.

“Whether it’s around the proverbial water cooler or over a shared meal, inevitably conversations drift towards the topic of the day,” wrote Mr McQuestin. “If you’re like me, more often than not, the conversation will turn to federal or state politics.”

Indeed, so it is that we do turn our attention to the weightier matters of life, and the value of our interactions with our fellow man.

“When you’re next around a water cooler or sharing a meal, look around and see whether you know someone who’s undecided,” wrote Mr McQuestin. “Often your own lived experience as a party member shared with the undecided voter can sway them. Sometimes it’s bit harder. But it doesn’t hurt to engage them in conversation.”

Inspirational and true indeed. In these difficult times, we should value each other and look around to engage with the vulnerable and those whose life might be enriched by our presence.

“It was pleasing to note that our State Director wrote in a heartfelt way,” said another member. “It was very touching and appropriate.”

Mr McQuestin closed his missive gracefully, stating, “This edition of In the Loop offers a snapshot of what is to come. I commend this edition of In the Loop to you.”

“It reads like a eulogy,” said one member. “I remember we used to get In the Loop on Sundays, now we get them on Wednesday afternoons. Like Ashwood, something has slipped.”

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