Melbourne Demons

Melbourne Demons

A vital online insider news website for the Liberal Party in Victoria has recently been in a struggle and now won out against the Melbourne Demons.

With early thoughts that the Melbourne Demons had won, avid Demons supporter, Charles Everist, took to social media announcing that the online news site was down.

Other Melbourne Demons supporters, Shandra Cohen, Bernie Finn and lifetime member Ian Quick were quietly jubilant, while Jan Millard didn’t say too much to her diminishing audience.

It appears that funds were poured in from the Liberal Party of Victoria draining Enterprise Victoria of all reserve funds and sending it to the wall. That was not enough to stop the rise of a new and improved informative website.

Wise eagles knew to wait patiently for the overturning of the Demon’s victory during times of extraordinary controversies from the Victorian Liberal Party, the Canberra reshuffle and other seismic political realignments.

In the meantime Daniel Andrews’ boot has stomped down on the faces of ordinary Victorians.

With the return of the news site, genuine Liberals have seen the departure of the Melbourne Demons, possibly flying back to Wuhan.

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