Members in Lalor say no Khan


Members in Lalor say no Khan

Liberal Party members in Lalor are very concerned about the prospects of Mr Intaj Khan, a former Wyndham City councillor, being preselected for a state seat like Werribee as a “captain’s pick” from Matthew Guy.

Mr Khan has an alleged history of shady deals, unwarranted conduct towards his colleagues and claims of dishonesty. It is not hard to find information about Mr Khan including the legal cases and the convictions. He has also been convicted of several charges where he pleaded guilty.

Party members in Lalor are seeking support from members across the party to express concerns about Mr Khan, his litigious disposition and his wealth from unknown origins.

Community representatives as well as ALP members are concerned about Mr Khan, and in recent months rumours have surfaced that he has turned his back on the ALP and is now being courted by Matthew Guy as a possible candidate.

The view is that should Mr Khan be preselected for a state seat, he will play dishonest politics and make vain appeals to multiculturalism and religion.

Party members predict that the Liberal Party will lose many of its supporters in the area if Mr Khan is supported by Matthew Guy and parachuted into a seat.

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