Messages to the Editor

Messages to the Editor

The following is a collection of recent messages to the Editor.

S– writes, “A radio commentator asked, ‘Is it about the team or the leader?’ All these extended years of rebuilding in a team like Carlton still has them ailing towards the bottom. Football teams announce their new leadership team at the start of each season following time to renew the ranks and make necessary changes. It’s time we learned a bit from the football teams, after all, we are not the Collingwood football club allowing Buckley to captain for way too long and similarly fiddle with the team from the sidelines as Head Coach. A football team doesn’t keep the heroes of yesterday hanging around like bad smells for too long, except Collingwood, with Veterans given a swan song on the veteran list exempt from the salary cap before being put out to pasture. 20 years for some players is way too long and need to be shown the door in an urgent manner of rebuilding and renewal is to be successful.

“The same can be said of our parliamentary ranks in desperate need of renewal and that of the bumbling administrative committee, all of whom have outstayed their welcome behind the thin veil of COVID as an excuse. They all need to move on as a collective.”

Sir, your comment speaks volumes.

K– writes, “Much appreciated for responding to a serious question in relation to the operation of a potentially corrupt illegal slush fund by a current State Upper House Liberal MP to pay salaries of her colleagues. Is the same MP involved with branch stacking activities yet to be exposed in the media? Please provide a copy of the unredacted report exposing her corrupt practices. Finally, following the return of Matthew Guy as Opposition Leader, time to remove the dead wood (including a slack Western suburbs MP, a few veterans etc.). Fresh, new talent is required. The same old just will not work.”

The vast majority of Victorian Liberal Party members agree with your questions and points.

M– writes, “In this photo from a few years ago Cr Jenny Mulholland is wearing medals. What are they and how did she earn them? Considering that she was a public figure at the time, I would hope she was not engaging in misrepresenting things.”

Experts in these matters agree that these are serious issues, and are puzzled over the medals themselves.

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