Mitch Catlin markets himself


Mitch Catlin markets himself

Marketing princess Mitch Catlin has become the latest target in the Victorian Liberal Party’s factional war. Mitch Catlin is a flashy-dressing media tart who was recently headhunted to become Matthew Guy’s Chief of Staff.

Mitch Catlin might be the opposite of disgraced former Chief of Staff Brett Hogan, but perhaps the flamboyant marketing guru has gone too far, appearing on TV to spruik his catchy media marketing business.

With political enemies within the Liberal Party ready to pounce on anything, one particular MP has already been briefing journalists against Matthew Guy’s star recruit.

“He’s a real problem,” one Liberal insider has said. “Like Tim Smith, Guy is going to be forced to cut him loose. You can’t afford to outshine the leader and you certainly should not be detracting from the momentous anti-Andrews events that are underway in Victoria.”

Observers feel Catlin has made himself a target trying to brand himself a star, attempting to make his own Wikipedia page and even setting up an IMDb profile.

Mitch Catlin has never been able to hold down a position, working for David Kemp, Myer, Swisse, 3AW, a variety of PR projects and a host of other past times. Inside word is that Mitch Catlin is easily bored and craves the limelight.

Catlin was also a potential candidate for the seat of Nepean and worked for Josh Frydenberg’s company which eased him into the purview of Victoria’s new opposition leader Matthew Guy.

Described as “progressive” and caring about “equality”, Catlin’s job was to connect Matthew Guy to 18-35 year old female voters. Unfortunately it appears the marketing and new role went to Catlin’s head.

“You can be the fastest talking salesman in the business world, but you’ve got to know your place in the political world,” a Liberal insider explained.

Mr Catlin has taken his new role in Matthew Guy’s office as a career opportunity to promote his own private business interests.

“I don’t think it fits the Liberal brand to have an egotistical narcissist who wears his pride badge on his sleeve as our public face,” one senior Liberal said. “Conservative voters are already looking to minor parties, the last thing we should be doing is looking like a vinyl imitation of the left.”

One insider hinted that Mr Catlin was very close to David Southwick. “Catlin’s blind spot is himself,” said the insider. “He’s great on marketing but I think he just doesn’t get middle Australia, older voters and Howard-era conservatives.”

Mr Catlin billed himself as a driver of change. Unfortunately he has been more like a Tim Smith driver.

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