MOB is a dead man walking

MOB is a dead man walking

The Leader of the Victorian Opposition, Michael O’Brien, is now a man on life support. Betrayed by his own ministers, briefed against in the media and continuously misstepping in public.

The zombie apocalypse is coming to an end as the Liberal Party begins to see Michael O’Brien’s support drift away.

A small group of MPs including Brad Battin, Roma Britnell and a few of their less experienced colleagues began the whole showdown by calling a spill against O’Brien. The media labelled the move as “amateur” and “ill conceived”. Of course Michael O’Brien has to go, but the time is not yet right. Battin simply does not have the support to win, but he did the next best thing, he weakened O’Brien’s position to the point where another leader can arise.

Battin is good deputy material and all velvet glove, but lacks the ability to drastically alter the ailing Party organisation. MPs privately concede that they want to get rid of the dead weight of Michael O’Brien but just cannot see Brad Battin as a credible alternative in the role.

As one source close to an MP commented, “Even Daniel Andrews out of action is stronger than the Opposition at the moment.”

Battin received nine votes in his tilt for the leadership. Those nine MPs should consider working with the forces aligned to Matthew Guy, and find a credible alternative that will leave behind the O’Brien nightmare days forever.

Strange things happen in politics. Matthew Guy, once seen as aloof, standoffish and hated by conservative Party members is now becoming their darling.

Guy’s heavy election loss in 2018 led to a lot of soul searching and personal transformation. Matthew Guy is a different man now than what he was several years ago.

Matthew Guy’s stature has grown. He has connected with the ordinary members of the Party. He is a man who, surprisingly, can make the biggest political comeback since John Howard’s “Lazarus Rising”.

Battin is a man whose self perception is vastly different from Guy’s. At the leadership spill Battin wore a dark suit and light brown boots, while O’Brien wore a retail store suit. But in the background, the astute observers would notice that Guy wore a very tasteful woven suit. The difference could not be more clear.

Talk in the media is Guy as much as Battin with O’Brien trailing them both. Guy is the only credible MP who has media and public recognition.

Conservatives were told that Guy was a Freemason, arrogant and convictionless. The past two years have proven this wrong. Guy is a family man with Eastern Orthodox sensibilities. He has learned humility and made a host of connections with the ordinary people in the Western suburbs. He is one of the few who stood up against Daniel Andrews’ tyranny. One of Guy’s videos went viral across Victoria at the height of the second lockdown.

The deadwood MPs like Georgie Crozier, David Davis, Bernie Finn and Kim Wells must all do the Party room a favour and retire. Matthew Guy needs to see O’Brien off with statesman-like efficiency.

Everyone knows that O’Brien is done for. It is just a matter of time.

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