MOB stands firmly with trans

MOB stands firmly with trans

Michael O’Brien couldn’t have done more to associate himself with hard left transgender celebrations than take a chauffeur driven ride to the Mulgrave Country Club.

Mr O’Brien did not look out of his car window, or buy petrol or talk with local constituents. No, Mr O’Brien was the tutti-frutti ambassador of cross dressing at the trans activist Knox Ranges Liberal Women’s exclusive chowder power event.

With the recent bad polling data being secretly discussed at the highest levels of the Victorian Liberal Party, ordinary Liberal voters might be forgiven to think that it was time for the Liberal Party to come out fighting – especially the beleaguered opposition leader who is opposed to leading. But no, Mr O’Brien wanted to be seen with the sparkles, men’s frocks and ladies pants that bedecked the trans romp at the Mulgrave Country Club.

Michael O’Brien was too busy wrapping himself in the new pink, white and blue colours of the progressive Liberal Party to worry about ordinary men and women. He wanted to be seen with extraordinary women who happened to be born men.

Dear leader O’Brien, Heidi Victoria, Shilpa Hegde, Janet Williams and many others were happy to be seen with alleged sex pix doxer Kerri White. Michael O’Brien didn’t have any qualms about all that hand touching and other bodily contact that took place that evening.

If this is the path the Liberal Party is going down, we fully expect David Southwick to be seen out in a dress, as we are reliably informed that he has nice legs.

The Liberal Party of ordinary Victorians does not have a women problem. There is the women’s council and many women’s sections. There are many lady party members. There are females on Admin. There are women working at the secretariat. We have great female representatives in Federal Parliament and plenty of representation of the fair sex in the State Parliament too.

As Michael O’Brien ties himself up with more and more extreme elements far to the left of the Liberal Party, it proves one thing. He thinks that the way to gain any kind of popularity and position is by disregarding the sane Liberal Party, and by foraying into the narrow slip of minorities whose priorities are not covered by the Liberal Party platform.

Mr O’Brien might have found his true self playing pantomime and dress up but the political realities of his own position are something which Michael needs to wake up to.

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