MP investigates Owen Guest

MP investigates Owen Guest

Liberal Party state treasurer


Wednesday, 23 June 2021


Liberal Party state treasurer

Mr TARLAMIS (South Eastern Metropolitan): Recently the Liberals bet big on some bizarre conspiracy theories, but we did not realise how much appetite they have for betting big. They like to think that they are the party of responsible fiscal management, but their own state treasurer is a professional poker player—talk about betting big. In fact Owen Guest loves gambling so much he posted on his Facebook page that the Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and Licence presents an opportunity for Victoria to license more casinos—more casinos!

Mr Davis: On a point of order, President, this is a bizarre conspiracy theory. He knows well he should be doing this in a more proper way. It is absolutely disgraceful. The corruption at the casino is linked to Labor.

Mr TARLAMIS: On the point of order, President, as Mr Davis would be well aware—he has been here for quite a while—a member can make a statement on any matter of concern or interest, and I should be allowed to continue uninterrupted.

Mr Davis: On the point of order, President, there is a right of reply, too, for people who have been maligned by a corrupt party.

The PRESIDENT: There is no point of order.

Mr TARLAMIS: He pitches that he is a wealth risk manager, although it seems that particularly relates to his poker hand. Unfortunately he is not very good at it. According to publicly available records, he was ranked only 1114th in 2017. After Mr Guest was elected treasurer in 2019 you would think that his focus would have been on rebuilding the party’s finances after the Damien Mantach $1.55 million fraud. No. Mr Guest’s first priority: Vegas, baby. That is right; he was off to Las Vegas straight after being elected—to an event in 2019, World Series of Poker, where he came 414th. Is Mr Guest what the Liberals need to guide their financial future? His CV shows that when not busy managing his risk he is a company director for a not-for-profit sector, yet ASIC searches show that the only directorship he holds is of a company which is a trustee for a unit trust. With the Liberal Party busy pushing around funds between its various trust accounts and the sale of its building, it looks like it has got the perfect manager in Owen Guest. Indeed it looks like he is betting the house on it.

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